People Divulge The Weirdest Conspiracy Theories They've Ever Heard
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On a daily basis, I find myself saying... "Well, now I've heard it all."

And for a few moments I believe it.

Then I watch the news or overhear a conversation at Starbucks and then I'm stunned again.

The conspiracy bug has bitten everybody.

For some, the more off the wall, the more sense it makes.

Redditor LatsaSpege wanted to hear what "out there" ideas people are listening to.

They asked:

"What is the weirdest conspiracy theory you ever heard?"

At this point, what people believe can't shock me.


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"All rocks are soft until you touch them."


"Salt isn't the only edible rock but science won't let us lick the other ones."


"inflation, right?"

"This one time i was dealing with a customer. I tell him the price of his groceries and he gasps, go 'inflation, right?' Just small talk. He then goes on some looooong rant about how Joe Biden is pocketing all the extra dollars we spend due to inflation and how he's slowly building his wealth to purchase Apple so he can spy on us through our phones... The funniest part? We're in Montreal, Canada."



"Jim Morrison (of the Doors) faked his own death. (wait for it)..."

By having his soul transplanted into another body who adopted the moniker 'Jim Jones' (the leader of the Jonestown cult)."


"I believe wholeheartedly that Jim Morrison faked his own death. But I also believe that he died a few months later because he drunk himself to death."


Land Below

"My favorite is that Lizard People live underneath the north pole and they helped build Denver International Airport. But there might also be separate camps of lizard people with different goals. In short... Lizard People."


"That airport gave me weird vibes to begin with. The creepy horse statue with glowing red eyes, the trains that play weird music, the fact that it looks like a giant circus tent... the conspiracies just make it more fun!"


Death Bringer

Stephen King GIFGiphy

"That Stephen King killed John Lennon. Some dude has devoted his life to this one and drives around the country in a van festooned with signs declaring King's guilt."


Stephen King? The assassin? Um... ok.

Death Control

Guitar Man Trouble GIF by Elvis PresleyGiphy

"That both Elvis and JFK faked their deaths, and have been running the US government from a secret bunker under the White House ever since."


No exceptions...

"The one they talked about on a recent episode of QAnon Anonymous is pretty weird. Apparently, these people think that every celebrity and politician is actually the opposite gender they were assigned at birth. No exceptions. Even Kaitlyn Jenner, who they think is a woman pretending to be a trans woman. I don't get it either."



"That the moon landings are fake. But that when we went to the moon the astronauts secretly found a civilization of aliens living there. And that the moon is a hologram projected into the sky from the Earth. I have heard all three of these from the exact same person."

"She is incapable of feeling the discomfort of cognitive dissonance while holding these three contradictory ideas in her head at all. When confronted by the inconsistencies, she refuses to acknowledge that there are any inconsistencies."



"I grew up in a white nationalist cult that believed that white people were a lost tribe of Israel, and were God's true chosen people. Naturally, zionists conspired to suppress the truth, and must be toppled. Maybe not the weirdest, but it's pretty freaking weird."


"That is interesting because a buddy of mine and I ran into a guy once who believed the exact same thing except about black people, not white people. I'm Asian and my buddy is black. The dude stared at me like I just kicked his dog and was telling my buddy all about how they were God's chosen. It was very weird."


Off the Edge

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"Flat earth. Like… wouldn’t we know where the edges are by now? Maybe build some hotels to look at space… like oceanfront property. People are freaking stupid."


Wow. Humans are ridiculous.

Do you have similar stories to share? Let us know in the comments below.

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