People Share The Tricks You Can Learn In Ten Minutes To Radically Improve Your Life.

People Share The Tricks You Can Learn In Ten Minutes To Radically Improve Your Life.

People Share The Tricks You Can Learn In Ten Minutes To Radically Improve Your Life.

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**It doesn't take long to change your attitude or your life. First and foremost... always listen to Oprah! After Oprah do some digging and start with the little things that can improve your mind body and soul. figure out how to save time, money and a life. Saving a life is a to-so MUST! **

Redditor Thatguybemo asked for the best ideas on how to change or improve life in the snap of a finger and the ideas are staggering.

Be a life savior!

What to do if someone is having a seizure. Try and move nearby furniture if possible so the patient doesn't hurt themselves. Let them get on with it.

Once the seizure is over, move them somewhere safe and comfortable (a bed if at all possible) and keep them warm. Anyone with epilepsy will have done this many times before and an ambulance is not necessary, save it for someone who needs it. If it is someone's first seizure or you are not sure, dial 911 whatever.

If a seizure lasts more than two minutes, call the emergency services. If a person has more than one seizure without regaining consciousness, call the emergency services. NEVER put anything in their mouth (you run the danger of choking them) and NEVER try to restrain them (you WILL get hurt).

I have epilepsy and it scares the life out of me that if I have a seizure on the street people won't know what to do. Another LPT - if you are epileptic or diabetic etc., inform friends/co-workers/etc. and tell them what to do in an emergency.

For some unknown reason, this is hardly ever taught in 'layman's' first aid (don't know about those in the medical profession).


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To stop caring about other's opinions, or as David Foster Wallace puts it:

You will become way less concerned with what other people think of you when you realize how seldom they do.


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Metacognition, or the awareness and understanding of one's thought processes. In other words, you know when you don't know something, and as a result, you put forth effort to learn it.


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The fact that you don't actually have to be friends with people you don't like.


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Two rules:

1) Assume nothing.

2) Follow up and check.

My father taught me these, and I've found that virtually every major f---up in my life can be traced back to ignoring one of them.


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The proper way to perform CPR. You very well could save someones life.

But, the number 1 rule is to directly command someone to call 911. If you say "somebody call 911" everyone will just look around hoping someone else will do it. You need to point to someone and tell them they specifically need to call for help.


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In excel, select all by using CTRL + A (I'm sure you all knew) but then when you press the following separately after...

ALT + H + O + I

Voila, all your columns width are now auto-fitted. Change the "I" to "A" for height.


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How to CORRECTLY stab someone with an Epi-pen. My girlfriend has a peanut allergy and I really would love to live in a world where more people know the correct way to use that instrument. Step one: take off the cap (its blue) [this is the side that points away from their body] Step 1 1/2: make sure you won't hit their phone. Step two: stab that shit into their leg (upper outer thigh)(through any non super super thick pants is fine. Jeans = fine)[thumb holding the sides] {you stab them with the orange side} Step three: hold it there for 3 seconds (it used to say 10 seconds EMT guy in comments says FDA recently changed this to 3 seconds) Step four: call 911 (epi-pens buy time not fix the problem entirely) DO NOT BE GENTLE! Bruises heal. Being gentle often causes a muscle twitch. Their reflex will be to jerk away, and if the needle comes out without giving them the dose, you can't just re-stab them. Hold their leg from the inside. Otherwise it could cause a large cut that almost always results in a scar associated with unpleasant memories.

Also rub the injection site for a few seconds after you remove it from their skin. It will help get it into their blood stream faster.


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If you have computer data that is very important then don't store it on one place, keep at least one backup on a computer that will never see the light of the internet so if by chance a massive ransomware attack comes by, you don't potentially lose millions of dollars and thousands of hours of work.


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How to recognize a stroke, it could save a life one day! Just remember F.A.S.T.:

Face: ask them to smile, is one side of their face drooping?

Arms: ask them to lift both arms, is one arm drifting downwards?

Speech: ask them to repeat a simple phrase, is their speech slurred?

Time: if you see any of these signs, then get help immediately.

A stroke happens when blood is cut off from part of the brain, and symptoms can appear even 24 hours in advance. It is fatal if unattended, so be aware!


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Take ten minutes and make a recipe list with corresponding groceries. You will save a ton of money on food this week, and actually like the things you're eating. Eventually, it'll become a habit and you'll thank yourself when you're eating food you actually like/want to eat every day at work AND saved a ton of money.


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How to say no to another thread on reddit at 3am.


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Basic sewing skills. Running stitch, backstitch and whip stitch, and how to sew on a button. If you're really ambitious and have slightly longer than ten minutes, how to put in a zipper and how to re-hem something. Even if you only learn a few basics you can fix most quick clothing issues. There's nothing worse than a button popping off of your only clean shirt when you're in a rush and have no way of fixing it. Also, LPT for once you've got your skills in place: keep a few needles threaded with a few inches of black and white thread (and any other color you wear often) so that when you find a small busted seam or a button has popped off, you don't have to try and thread a needle in a rush to fix it.


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Corny as hell but: Learning to say "No". Some people find it almost impossible to say that tiny word, there are a bunch of YouTube video's on it.

Seriously, saying "No" sometimes in your life will make it a lot easier.


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Fat loss is at least 80% diet.


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In any negotiation, make your point and shut up. This is true with a Craigslist sale, and it's true in a political discussion. "I need $20 for the guitar," or "I think X stance correct because Y." When you keep talking to reinforce your position you usually provide weaker points that are easier to refute, and effectively weaken your position.


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How to tie a tie. Applies both for those who have to wear them and those who can help tie one for someone else.


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How to properly breathe.

Normally we take shallow breaths into our chest. However if we actually take just 10 minutes out of every day to focus on our breath and breathe down into our abdomen, we will actually begin to relax and feel so much nicer.

Suddenly things like meditation become easier, you become more aware of the here and now, emotions are much more available to deal with and process, among many physical benefits. All just building on the simple act of breathing properly.


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The basic structure of your nation's political system.

It is AMAZING how few people can give even an ELI5 version of how "ideas" become "laws", or who the top boss of their policemen is, or what are all the decisions they as a voter actually get to vote on.

Wikipedia, Politics of [Country], off you trot. It'll be a little dry but you are now an adult. This shit matters.


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Everyone has a reason for something. Figure out their angle. Lies, truths, excuses, actions... always keep looking for the reasons and then you will learn to judge people better.


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