Maybe this is the reason they were a one night stand.

Have you ever brought somebody home and had them sleep over, only to find that they starfish while they sleep? Or that they sleep upside down and you wake up with your head at their feet? Or else they just have zero bodily control and limbs end up everywhere?

Did it affect your sleep pattern? Yeah. You probably don't wanna be dating these people, in that case.

u/opus1123 asked:

What is the strangest sleep habit of someone you hooked up with?

Here were some of those answers.

The Cat Pose


Slept with this girl a few times and when she slept over she would always fall asleep on her stomach with her knees tucked up under her. I have no idea how one could find that comfortable.


A Living Horror Film

My wife and children scream in their sleep. When I hear my son over the monitor, it is often followed by quiet sinister laughing.

My wife often sleeps with her eyes and mouth open.

Nighttime at my house is terrifying sometimes.


Sleep Deprived, Love Deprived

One of my ex girlfriends had a habit of sleeping only 2-3 nights a week and waking me up in the middle of the night even when I had to go to work at 5am because she "felt lonely". Needless to say that relationship ended rather quickly.


Is This Twilight?

My SO sleeps like a silent vampire. He doesn't move or make noise all night, and crosses his arms on his chest. He's just there. It's even weirder that if he wakes up, he just opens his eyes and seems to be fully cognizant.

The other day I put orange peels on his face and arranged them to look like an hilarious mustache. He groaned, but didn't do anything about it. WTF? I laughed my head off and took pictures of it.

He was like "I heard you laughing," the next day.

Meanwhile, I sleep like an acrobat. I fall asleep during whatever I'm doing, and often sleep with my legs hanging over things, but straight out, or my arms in the air, and lately propped up on one hand, halfway sitting up.


Smaller People Always Get More Space

Not really that strange I suppose but despite the fact that she is pretty little and I'm a big guy she manages to always get at least half the bed if not more regardless of size. If we have a king size she comes over to my side, which let's be honest is super cute, but when we have my regular bed that's not very big her sleeping on her side like a banana makes me feel I'm going to get pushed off any second.

Strangest one is probably the girl woke me up almost screaming because she woke up in the middle of the night with my cat sitting on her chest staring at her. Not sure why when got so upset, he was obviously just demonstrating his dominance, can't have the new pet not be aware of the hierarchy of the apartment.



My partner gets touchy-feely sometimes when he sleeps. He grabs me, kisses me passionately and goes to do the deed and then wakes ups! Afterwards he says something like "i don't...know how that started, was it you or me that started it?" He's never done it before. That he knows of.


A True 90s Kid

One guy couldn't go to sleep without Jewel's "Spirit" album playing all night


My ex couldn't sleep unless she had the show Friends on TV. She had all the seasons, so its not like it was the same episode.

So, when I'd stay the night and it was time for bed she would turn on the next episode, and put her TV/DVD player combo on 20 minute sleep timer. Then I'd just lay in bed for 20min and think about random sh*t like dumping her video games or whatever, and then when the TV turned off I would go to sleep.

As you would expect, she never slept at my place.


The Grind Heard Round The World

My boyfriend grinds his teeth and kicks the blankets off of the bed at night. The grinding is the most horrific sound. It can be heard across the house. If he falls asleep without his mouth guard (which is regular), then I have to bug him until he wakes up and puts it in.


The Skeleton Key

Not someone I dated but a close friend. She would say really strange things and sometimes grab and squeeze things in her sleep. I once crashed at her place and I woke up to her hands around my throat choking me as best she could saying "What kind of skeleton are you?"


Passed Out Everywhere


My SO has bouts of hypersomnia and can fall asleep just about anywhere. I have seen her asleep on the stairs to our room, upside down on the couch after (probably mid playing with the cat), and rarely get to enjoy her company on a car ride longer than 20 minutes.


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