People Break Down The Most Underrated Pizza Toppings

People Break Down The Most Underrated Pizza Toppings
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Pizza was introduced into the American zeitgeist when 4 million Italian immigrants came across the Atlantic and brought their cooking skills and traditions with them.

However, it's actually much more Greek than Italian.


"Shortly after its introduction stateside, pizza became more popular in the U.S. than it was in Italy."
"This is partly because pizza's not exactly Italian to begin with."
"Naples was originally founded by Greek settlers around 600 BCE, and pizza is known to have existed there before the city was unified with the rest of Italy in 1861."
"The cheesy, tomatoey delight wasn't introduced into greater Italian cuisine until the 1940s."
"So, at least for a while, pizza was much more American than Italian."

"Traditional" toppings are actually not that traditional at all. That's why we see all sorts of variations on the theme of pizza and why there's much debate on which toppings are the best.

Redditor TheMulefromMoscow asked:

"What's the most underrated pizza topping?"

The debate was taken to Ask Reddit, so we made a list of the best of the best.

That's a lot of garlic.

"Roasted whole garlic."

- TheMulefromMoscow

"[Pizza My Heart] makes a pizza with 40 cloves of roasted garlic on it. It's flipping delicious."

- Ok-Search-9337

"I love garlic a lot but that's way too much garlic."

- landon1397

"Cries in thin blood."

- MilkofGuthix

"Cries in vampire but also mildly interested in your thin blood."

- Bad_Elephant

Salty and heat.

"Jalapeños. When I worked at Domino's someone ordered a thin crust pepperoni/jalapeño and called back later to cancel. So my manager and I said f*ck it and ate it. Despite thinking it wouldn't be good. Holy sh*t was it good. If you don't mind the heat, I highly recommend it. Doesn't matter if it's thin crust or not, but just pepperoni and jalapeño."

- InanimateSensation

"So close to my favorite which is =pepperoni, jalapeños and bacon. So good!!"

- dontlookdwn

"Hear me out: pepperoni, jalapeño, and pineapple."

"Salt, heat, sweetness and acidity. It's a goddamn revelation the first time you try it."

- punksmostlydead

"This is the holy trinity of pizza combos. Every time I have friends over I order this pizza and even if they don't normally like those ingredients they just work so perfectly off each other everyone loves the combination."

- CouragetheCowardly

"Try that combo with chicken instead of pepperoni. Got it by mistake one time, and it's fantastic."

- TotallyNauticalDude

More of a good thing.

"Extra cheese."

"Sometimes all ya need is cheese pizza."

"Simple, slightly greasy, delicious cheese."

- PumpKiing

"A few months ago I had the messiest night ever, and as a 27 year old my hangover resistance is starting to fade."

"I had ordered an absolutely filthy triple cheese and pepperoni pizza from a trashy takeout and it saved my life I'm sure. That amount of cheese and grease just resonated within my soul. Hot and cold it was simply beautiful."

- schofield101

"I remember this one pizza joint that was open late. Always hit it up after a night on the town. Massive amount of cheese (and grease) that was the best while drunk and barely tolerable while sober. It was just that perfect combo that resonates with alcohol and seems to help with hangovers."

- CharlieTuna_

A better substitute for pepperoni.

"Sausage and onions. Everybody wants pepperoni but they are sleeping on the sausage and onions."

- DirtySingh

"Chorizo's a good alternative to pep. Chorizo and chicken. With fresh herbs on top after it comes out."

- FalmerEldritch

"I live in a place that I should see this, but I never even thought of chorizo on a pizza. that sounds so bomb, cilantro, fresh onion and a squeeze of lime, that would be it."

- 061134431160

Flavorful peppers.

"Banana peppers. So much flavor!"

- jcpmojo

"Banana peppers or pepperoncini? There's a substantial difference and having worked at a Chicagoland pizza place - the amount of complaints from people who order one but want the other was massive."

"Idk if it's regional but if you want a pickled pepper - like you get with your papa John's (trash) - order pepperoncini. If you want a fresh pepper that's mostly sweet with a mild kick - banana pepper. Hardly anywhere actually has banana peppers though - except for more upscale pizza places. - may be regional. Dunno"

- ShesAPrettyBird

Don't forget your greens.


- PeanutRecord698

"Or arugula at the very end. Delish."

- BaaBaaTurtle

"Spinach and roasted red peppers is my favorite combo when I make a homemade pizza."

- cakebreaker2

The controversial topping.

"I'm about to start a war here....Pineapple."

- GrubSlime

"Before I tried Hawaiian pizza, I would've argued against it; But after trying it, I will wholly support you."

- Doctor_Disaster

"Ham and pineapple is okay, but ham is already a sweet meat. I prefer my pineapple with a more savory meat, usually either pepperoni or sausage or bacon. Yeah those are often also made of pork but they're smokier or spiced, so it hits different and I enjoy it more than regular ham. Throw some jalapeños on there and I'll wolf it down."

- PirateDuckie

"This is the best answer. It seems that reddit hates pineapple on pizza for some reason, and yet obviously plenty of people love it since it's offered as a topping by every pizza place that exists."

- Damn_Dog_Inappropes

"It's weird because I'd call pineapple a top 3 topping. Like if I was ordering pizzas for a big group and I was doing 3 types, I put pineapple on a bunch of them."

"It's extremely popular. I had no idea it was even supposed to be controversial."

- Doctor-Amazing

According to Huffington Post, the top three are pepperoni, mushrooms, and onions.

If none of these are your favorite, not to worry. It's all just pizza anyways.

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