People Explain Which Things Smell Way Better Than They Taste
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I'm just sayin' I think it's funny how I go my whole life with people telling me "smaste" isn't a real thing and then here comes a pandemic where smaste issues are one of the main symptoms and now all of a sudden everybody believes in it?

Yes, pettiness and dark humor are absolutely getting me through, so I'm choosing to focus on the fact that I TOLD YOU SO, LITERALLY EVERYBODY.

Reddit user Muntszy asked:

"What smells better than it tastes?"

And since we're all ready to admit that smaste is real, let's talk about the hideous disappointments that come along with incongruity in the smaste continuum.

First, let's talk about what rubs Reddit wrong.

Doggie Treats

"Beggin’ strips. 'Dogs don’t know it’s not bacon' but I sure did" - hcos612

"My older brother tried one of my dog’s Milk Bones once out of curiosity and from then on he’d deada** snack on them now and then." - KevinFrane

"Tried a dog treat that smelled just like a great jerky strip. good amount of regret after. and pity for my dogs"- khactye

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Fresh And Clean

"soap" - 2kRandy

"Someone stocked the toilets at work with strawberry scented hand soap made by this small local business."

"I swear this soap smelled more like strawberries than actual strawberries do, gave me instant cravings every time I had to take a piss." - Frostfallen

"I made a bunch that were Creamsicle flavor for a party my family was having and they smelled so good lol." --SoVerySleepy81

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Taste Like Lies

"Vanilla extract" - m00kiiprinxess

"Me, holding vanilla extract: You know, I've heard this doesn't taste the way it smells."

"My best friend, not even looking at me: Don't." - an_ineffable_plan

Floral And Herbal

"Snazzy flavored herbal teas" - FriskyKittenPaws

"I think there is a Nobel prize to be had for the first one to come up with a tea that tastes as well as it smells."

"Any tea!"- avarjag

"Most teas are such a delicate flavor that overloaded palettes won't find much to them."

"Gotta add that little bit of sweet to brighten it up and give it a fighting chance. Sugar is the salt of the tea world!"- whotookmysh*t

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Seems High In Fiber

"Has nobody mentioned lumber/sawdust yet?"

"Wtf?"- RedditsWhilePooing

"My mom had an, uh… unusual… craving for a stack of lumber while pregnant with me, walking through Home Depot with my dad."

"They both tell me slightly different versions of this story, but my mom will never cease to admit to it being so true."- RockinAndRollin00

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The Best Part Of Waking Up...

"Coffee. I like the taste of coffee but the smell is better." - maggie081670

"Yeah, I don't like coffee, but I love the smell."

"I also like things that are coffee flavor, like coffee ice cream, coffee oreos, etc, but not actually coffee."

"Even really sweetened coffee isn't that good."- Mediocretes1

"Freshly ground coffee is maybe the best scent in the world. Nothing could live up to that, not even coffee."- Kolz

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Vampires Would Disagree

"Uncooked minced garlic"- slut-princess

Not Sure You're Suppose To Try This One

"Purple gluesticks" - nbarry1425

"The only thing worse than how a gluestick tastes is how 'well' it sticks."- Verminnesotanboio

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Put That In Your Pipe And Smoke It

"Pipe tobacco"- Mapletron2020

"I went through a short pipe phase in the '70s."

"Probably freshman year of high school while reading the LOTR."

"I discovered that tobacco that smelled good and had a pleasant aroma when burned tasted like sh*t."

"Tobacco that tasted good smelled like sh*t.

"Sh*t being a metaphor."

I have no idea what it tastes like." - citsonga_cixelsyd

"I've been a pipe tobacco smoker for almost ten years and mainly smoke aromatics like bourbon, vanilla, etc."

"People love the smell of it when I smoke around them."

"I have to remind them the taste isn't the same."

"Not as bad as a cigarette of course but no it isn't going to taste as well as the name implies." - gil_beard

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Not so "mad about saffron"...

"There’s this spice called saffron."

'It smells like pure heaven but doesn’t have a taste."- DogPrudent6787

"Hot" in what way, one wonders?...

"ANYTHING that is very hot."- God_is_superb

"Lather, rinse repeat"... just don't eat...

"My shampoo."- Officialy_stupid

"Shampoo and conditioner lol…"

"When I was a kid that L’Oréal kids shampoo smelled so good and I tried tasting it and almost yacked."

"To this day, best smelling shampoo."- Logical_Ranger_3488

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... Some might think just the opposite...

"'begins to laugh evily'... its long, hard, and filled with semen."- TheOgGameBoy29

Is it even possible to taste this?

"My farts."- rugbychicken

Especially the fruit scented ones...

"Marker."- DssCooleC

So let's talk about the first time I had a Cosmopolitan, shall we?

It was a beautiful pink in a gorgeous glass. It smelled like citrus and summer in a cup. I had waited so long to finally be out somewhere fancy enough to warrant ordering a cocktail. I was so ready for my Carrie Bradshaw moment...

It tasted like hairspray. I was born in the '80s, I already knew what hairspray tasted like! I didn't need to spend $15 on that.

Alright fam, your turn! Let us know what you would add in the comments.

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