People Explain Which Obscure Candle Scents They Wish They Could Buy

Lit candle in the dark
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Whether or not we enjoy cleaning, we can all appreciate a calm and clean environment.

Some of us really like the "extras" of a comfortable home, like cozy blankets and pillows, soft music, and uniquely scented candles.

There are even some candle scents people would love to have in their homes but which are not available at this time.

Wondering what others liked to be surrounded with, Redditor unknownyoyo asked:

"What obscure smell would you buy a candle of?"

Fresh Lumber

"I'd love a candle that actually smells like wood. I love the smell of fresh lumber."

- BretHitmanHart84

Only '90s Kids Will Understand

"I want a candle that captures the experience of the Scholastic Book Fair."

- modestyahoo597

Emphasis on "Old"

"Ooh! A candle that actually smells like OLD books."

- misterjonathancrouch

Talk About Swoon-worthy

​"Freshly baked bread."

- AmusedCrane

Oscure and Lovely

"The smell of rain on hot pavement."

- sanseriouz

Good Morning, Indeed

"I wish I could capture that smell of a clear cold morning in a boreal forest in Northeastern Ontario. Crisp, pine, lake, clear, cold, sunshine... it's a whole vibe."

- ElleRyder68

​A Reverse Candle, In a Way

"The smell of a candle that's literally JUST been blown out."

- T-Bizzle

The '90s Friday Night Vibes

"I bought a candle that smells like Blockbuster and I love it. It smells like buttered popcorn, carpet, and that smell VHSs had."

- maniacalmustacheride

The Smell of Rain

"This might just be a UK thing but there's a certain smell on a cloudy day just before the rain hits and you can tell it's about to start. That's a comfortable smell for me."

"Fresh-cut grass in summer is good too."

- IndependentTax2482

Or a Whole Line of Cooking Candles

"Melted garlic butter."

- ForestCityWRX

When Nostalgia Comes Knocking

"I want a candle that smells like my old dog. It's not the most pleasant smell, but I miss that big id**t."

- Pressed_in_Pages

Pizza Rolls, Anyone?

"The smell of that friend's house you used to go to sleepovers at and spend all night playing LAN PC games together back in 7th grade and his mom bought pizza for you."

- 7point62Neato

Don't Forget Your Racket

"The smell of a freshly opened can of tennis balls."

- chefarmer

French Onion Soup

"About a year ago, I made homemade french onion soup for the first time. I spent over an hour caramelizing the onions on the stove."

"I went to the grocery store to get cheese for the recipe. As soon as I got there, three girls stopped me and asked what I was wearing. I don't wear cologne, so didn't know what they were talking about."

"They were sniffing me all over and telling me that I smell amazing. H**l, they started calling other people over to smell me."

"That's when I realized they were smelling the caramelized onions. I was pretty popular that day. If I wasn't already married, I'd make french onion soup every day!"

- Herbiethelovebug

Three Cheers for Childhood

"That smell right when you open the container of Play-Doh."

- kcc3121

Each of these scent ideas brought back comforting feelings and great memories, especially for anyone who grew up in the '90s. To be surrounded by these scents every day at home would create quite the vibe, for sure.

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