We all have strong opinions on very important topics. I could tell you all about what I think about the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change's latest report or on people's behavior during the Covid-19 pandemic but I won't... because then we'd be all here all day and I'd probably end up giving myself a stroke.

But I could tell you about what it says about someone who doesn't return the shopping cart to the corrall. We can have an entire philosophical conversation about that. Have a seat.

People had all sorts of opinions on relatively unimportant topics to share after Redditor WhereIsHaroldHolt asked the online community,

"What unimportant hill are you willing to die on?"

"He refuses to believe..."

"A multi-year argument with my boss over measurement/mathematics.

He refuses to believe 48.5 feet is 48'6" He argues that it is 48'5" He does agree that a foot is 12" He openly mocks me to my coworkers and makes comments about me being dumb and having a tough time with math. No one but me corrects him. Everyone else just agrees to his face then laughs behind his back.

Life would be easier if I'd shut up and let him "win."


Your boss sounds like a true piece of work. Hopefully he's not in charge of important engineering projects.

"People who put the spoon..."

"People who put the spoon they used to stir their coffee back into the sugar are monsters."


Okay, okay, but hear me out:

What if you live alone?

Are you a monster then?

"We should actively shame..."

"We should actively shame people who don't respect the line/queue. I'm an American and I'm tired of people "pretending" like they don't know where the line starts so they don't have to wait and can cut everybody else.

I see it happen all the time. It was BS when you were a child, it's BS now. I know I'm a d*ck for doing it, but I finally broke the other month and called someone out on it and refused to move. I swear an old man almost tried to fight me over it, but the line is the line, and respect other people's time.

Your time is not more important and you are capable of following the simple concept that is waiting your turn."


The concept of waiting your turn should be drilled into everyone––all the time. Especially when waiting for the bus.

"Comcast will never receive..."

"Comcast will never receive a single cent from me for the rest of my life and if my will is followed accordingly then also after my death."


Comcast is pretty evil, so is this hill really unimportant? It sounds like you're performing a public service.

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"Licking your fingers..."

"Licking your fingers when you're sharing food with someone should be considered a war crime."


"That the phrase..."

"That the phrase is "Couldn't care less." "COULD care less" does not FUNCTION AS INTENDED!"


"Ash Ketchum's..."

"Ash Ketchum's first win in the Pokemon Anime was in the Orange Islands arc. Stop treating the Alola arc like it was the first. "NoBoDy TaLks AbOuT oRanGE isLaNDs, NErd." Well, maybe you need to, pal. Ash's first win was Orange Islands.

You said unimportant, so the hill I'm dying on is the continuity and canon of an anime based on a video game and card game for literal children."


It sounds like other Pokemon fans are gaslighting us. Everything about the Alola anime is terrible, though. The artwork grates on my nerves (and that's an unimportant hill I'm happy to die on).

"I almost died..."

"I had a friend come visit me while living in Europe. Soon after picking her up, we got on the train in The Netherlands and she called to let people know she'd arrived safely. On FaceTime, speaker and loud. I almost died from embarrassment. It's like finding out your friend is a secret cannibal."


I cringed reading this.

Why do people do this?!


"Online communities..."

"Online communities are not democracies, and they aren't your personal outlets.

Getting kicked out doesn't give you the right to try to tear them down."


"The Summer Olympics..."

"The Summer Olympics should be held at a permanent site in Greece. Use the off years to renovate or alter the grounds as needed. The world can vote and pick a permanent site for the Winter Olympics. Scandinavia seems like a good starting place, perhaps Canada.

The only reason they rotate countries is to line the pockets of the IOC members and whatever cronies are able to trick a country into bringing it there."


Oh, now you're all wired up and ready to share, aren't you? Hold on a sec: I need to tell you what I think of what personal etiquette should be on the subway. You'd be surprised by how many people JUST DON'T GET IT.

Have some thoughts of your own? Feel free to tell us about them in the comments below!

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