People Break Down Which Cities They Think Are Vastly Underrated
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Who doesn't love a good travel experience?

While difficult right now, what with the seemingly never-ending worldwide pandemic, there still lingers in many people's hearts the desire to see the world.

But where to go? Don't want to go any place too touristy, too on the grid, right? Certainly there must be some spots that you've heard of but never given a second thought to see.

Reddit user, justarndmacc, wanted to give some space to the underrated locales of the world when they asked:

"What city is massively underrated?"

Having fun is key to any bit of travel. After all, experiencing the day-to-day life of local eateries and shopping is fun, but what you really want is to see how the people live there celebrate and enjoy themselves.

Knowing How To Party

"I was not expecting Krakow to be one of the highlights on my trip to europe"


"I loved Krakow! Wouldn’t have thought to go there but my friend married someone from Katowice so checked it out on the way. Great place and Polish people certainly know how to have a good time at a wedding"


Beer On The Streets? Hello!

"Savannah, Georgia."

"Absolutely stunning architecture, not overcrowded, rich history, and you can drink beer on the streets."


"I've been there multiple times. The city is so gorgeous and the history is mind-blowing. It's main streets are so welcoming and full of cafes, with multiple parks and large trees. There are fountains literally everywhere, and the dock is very relaxing. There's a market too, full of southern culture and food. Honestly the prettiest city in the south."


It's Australia. Everything Might Try To Get Ya.

"Underrated by other Australians, but my city of Adelaide."

"Beautiful wine regions, nice beaches, great nature walking trails in the hills and boutique eateries, great nature reserves, all within about an hour drive."

"Come during festival season and the arts scene is insane."

"Stay more than a week or so you might start to struggle, but a lovely stop on an Australian trip."

"People just focus on the murders..."


You might have heard of the city before this, but it wasn't for what people want you to know it for. There seems to be more lying under the surface than we might think when we imagine these cities.

When The Belfast Child Sings

"Belfast, Northern Ireland."

"People still think it's the 1980s with Gerry Adams, masked bandits doing street patrols, uniformed police beating up Catholics, murals everywhere and a car bomb parked on every street corner. That is basically all gone now, apart from the usual marching season and a few dodgy suburbs you'd best keep away from. Most normal people aren't that bothered and the city centre is really good."

"Seriously good friendly people, clean and beautiful city, great vibe, stellar entertainment and nightlife, awash with culture and history. Houses and property are also dirt cheap."


Can't Beat History

"Plovdiv, Bulgaria"

"Not a small city, actually a big one, but it has so much in it and also it has 8000years old history"


"I LOVED Plovdiv. Very beautiful city center, seems to have a rich artist and cafe culture. Food was also A++"


Catch All The Sports

"Madison, Wisconsin. I was only there for a day but everyone was super nice, the city was incredibly clean, there was plenty to do, and the scenery was amazing."


"Wisconsin is super underrated as a state; and Madison is the best the state has to offer."

"Madison has so much more than college sports, but either way I'd like to add: That place is something else during game day. From Women's volleyball to football. Sure it's not Alabama or Duke, but we have relevant sports on both men and women's side all year round."


Come In For A Good Drink

"Da Nang. It’s changed a lot from what it looks like in all those Vietnam War movies"


"Hello from Paddys Irish Pub in Da Nang as I write this"

"I lived in and visited many many cities and this place is by far the most liveable place I've been to."


Sometimes a country is lucky enough to have more than one city worth visiting. Would such a country exist?

A Dream Country

"Kanazawa, Japan. It has the charms of Kyoto without the overcrowdedness that Kyoto suffers from during peak tourist seasons."


"Japan is cheating."

"Japan has so many cities outside of the usual (Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto) that are skipped by tourists but are fantastic."

"Nara, Hiroshima, Nagasaki/Kagoshima, Kobe, Nikko, Kamakura are all worth a visit if you’re willing to spend a few weeks in Japan."


"Asahikawa, Japan. Has a much less crowded snow festival than Sapporo and the snow is so beautiful. Plus, a really cool zoo."


"I went to the zoo when it was snowing and it was amazing, gave the whole experience a completely different dynamic. Wolves howling in the snowfall, Amur leopards in the snow - not a typical zoo experience. The penguin walk was cool too."


Wherever you do get to travel, make sure you take in as much as you can. Barring world events shaping our daily lives, you might not get another chance for a long while.

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