Truckers Describe The Strangest Things They've Ever Seen In Passing Cars
Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

Truckers drive long stretches of road across the country, and the vista is not always a scenic one.

The view of prairies, farmlands, and desert can go on for miles, and the appreciation for them can quickly fade, leaving nothing but the radio to keep drivers behind the wheel stimulated.

Thankfully, they share the road with other drivers who offer a passing glimpse into their world from inside their vehicles.

Curious to hear about some of the strange sights seen on the road, Redditor randomuser0375 asked:

"Truckers of Reddit, what are some of the stranger things you’ve seen from your elevated vantage point looking down into other cars?"

Peculiar sights briefly distracted these drivers from paying attention to the road ahead.

King Of The Road

"I saw a lion in a car. Real one."

– DeliciousRedStuff

Burger Holder

"Obligatory not a trucker but I saw a woman eating a cheeseburger from the front pocket of her shirt while driving."

"Thought it was hilarious."

– KuroiSuisei

A New Friend

"Well the strangest thing I’ve ever had happen to me was a woman trying to pass me (loaded going up a hill) she succeeded until I went down the hill. Then on the next hill, she drove by me, and smiled then waved."

"I was so taken aback I didn’t know how to react. Usually, they’re pissed, but she was smiling and waving while drinking her morning coffee."

– bL0oDlUsT218

Furry Passenger

"Strangest thing I've seen was a goat riding in the passengers seat like a person -- even had a seatbelt on."

– v3gas21

Variety Show

"In heavy traffic around Boston, on the Tobin Bridge, this guy reading a full-size newspaper, unfolded and completely obscuring his view. Every now and then he would fold down one corner slightly, and creep forward."

"A bunch of different women steering with their knees, putting on makeup in the rear view mirror. A guy watching a movie on his cell phone. He was all over the road, speed all over the place."

"Have seen people shaving, changing clothes, etc."

"A surprising number of people drive without pants."

– Scrounger888

Soups And Signing

"Came up next this slow-moving driver, looked over and she was eating a BOWL OF SOUP."

"I guess she was driving slow to try to reduce spilling as much as possible. Like... put it in a thermos or a bowl with lid or... eat something not liquid?!"

"Also, there's this couple I've seen a couple times near the yard. Passenger must be deaf, because the driver is signing to them, and has to look over for several seconds straight to see them signing back."

– xrbxwingless

A New Passenger

"Lady giving much blood."

– AH0LE_

It takes talent.

Strike A Chord

"Saw a guy practicing his guitar while driving."

– suburbanhero22

Showing Some Brass

"I once saw a guy driving on I-35 in a minivan playing a trumpet. And no, that isn't a euphemism for anything."

– Newbaumturk69

Pleasure Cruise Control

"As an aside me and some buddies were driving on the interstate through a tight gorge with winding curves and it had to be 3 or 4 in the morning. My friend who’s riding up front looks out the window and starts laughing hysterically. We finally get him to calm down enough to tell us what he saw. Come to find out, he saw a truck driver watching porn while jacking it all while pulling a 53’ heavily loaded flatbed trailer in the dark."

– smokeshowwalrus


"A lady trying to change her baby's diaper while steering with her damn knees."

– No-Inspector-420

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Meal Prep

"My dad is a truck driver for 20+ years. Many sex acts… but my favorite is: a lady with a cutting board on her lap, cutting up fruit and putting it into a bowl on the passenger seat. Yes.. while driving. Making a damn fruit salad on the road."

– jammf_is_bae

Exhibitionists? Perhaps.

Fast Clothes Change

"It was night time.. saw another truck driver with the interior cab lights on in texas on I35."

"Guy was using cruise control and was out of the driver seat butt naked and changing clothes while going down the road at 65mph."

– monofloyed

To See And Be Seen

"You got your bjs, girls flashing, arguments and throwing things at each other, applying make-up in the little sun blocker mirror while driving."

"But my all time favorite 2 is the little dog humping a subway bag in the front seat and the white kid that caught me catching him watching porn on his tablet in the back seat... hope 2022 is even better."

– Nymbus00

Pleasure Trips

"Over the years I’ve seen people (while driving) eating, writing, watching TV, doing crossword puzzles, getting dressed, putting on makeup and painting fingernails."

– slawhammer011

It Was Thanksgiving 2015

"Driving near midnight in Michigan around Thanksgiving 2015. The interstates in Michigan have a lower speed limit for trucks than for standard autos, plus average drivers speed more than truckers since a lot of the company rigs are governed anyways."

"So I was used to whatever cars were on the road blowing past me. Saw headlights in the mirror and expected to get passed in a minute, but no one passed me. Looked down to see a small truck like a ford ranger matched speed with me, interior lights on, pants pulled down to his knees as he drove."

"As soon as he saw me, he clicked the light off and sped away. Craziest thing I saw in my year on the road."

– captjacksparrowshat

It's an unsettling thought to think of so many people sharing the road who are not actually fully focused on driving.

Texting and driving is illegal in some parts of the country, but there ought to be regulations on other driving offenses, like, oh, pleasuring onself with one hand on the wheel.

Because how embarrassing would it be for drivers to get caught in a traffic accident with their pants down.

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