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Buckle up everyone, we're about to hop aboard the feels train.

The human animal seems to just be naturally interested in a good old fashioned adorable love story. People meeting and falling in love is always great! There are few things sweeter than listening to someone talking about how their parents met. Parents explaining how they met to their kids is so cute that it's literally a hit TV show. (Admit it, How I Met Your Mother is one of the greatest non-hosting uses of Neil Patrick Harris.) So imagine the cuteness that happens when an adult child recounts the tale of how their parents met - instant "aww" factor, right?

One Reddit user posted a question that honestly had nothing to do with love, but pretty quickly had thousands of people oohing and ahhing over a garbage man's love story.

The original question asked users, specifically "garbage men", to share the most memorable things they'd found in the trash. The responses ranged from mild to wild - with your expected amount of kittens and prosthetic limbs. Then user Deanjarois spoke up. They didn't work in waste management, but their father did and so childhood was filled with hearing a story about one very particular and precious trash-find. It turns out their parents "found" one another in the trash.

Here's the story:

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That comment became a turning point for the entire post. People couldn't get enough of how cute this was! A few people had some followup questions, which the trash-baby (yup, that's what we're running with) was happy to answer. That turned into a cute little mini side-story of it's own. Apparently, trash-baby's mother had been watching the garbage truck for months. She would sit at the window to wait, rearranged her schedule to make sure she was home on trash days, and was generally going about redefining "extra." She even went so far as to make sure she was the one who threw out the trash, but only right as the truck pulled up. Her parents watched her do this not just for days, but months. She did this for months, you guys.

The thirst was real.

Finally, they had enough. One day when the truck rolled up, she ran outside because she once again "forgot" to throw out the trash. Her dad couldn't take it anymore. He waited for her to walk outside, and then locked the door behind her. Dad refused to let her back in until she made her move.

People absolutely fell in love with the story!


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