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This Grateful Cat Is Obsessed With The Firefighter Who Saved Her From The Paradise Fire 😻

The Feels

It's a common trope for a firefighter to rescue a cat. Usually in that kind of story, though, the hero does his job, returns the cat, and continues on with his work. However, during an incident during the Paradise fire, this was not possible, mostly because of how obsessed the feline is with the firefighter.

In the aftermath of the fire in Paradise, CA, firefighter Ryan Coleman with Fairview Valley Fire Inc. was going through the debris, when he came across a very fluffy and scared cat. The feline took to the fireman immediately and climbed on his shoulder.

Can you blame her?

He took some photos and video and posted about the encounter on Facebook.





From there it spread across the internet.

The Camp Fire in northern California has been on a warpath, taking people's homes and lives in its wake. It's the most destructive wildfire in the state's history. The rain, anticipated to arrive soon, should help the firefighters contain the flames.

While Coleman has not spoken on whether he will keep the cat, I think we are all grateful (cats included!) for the emergency response working on this disaster.


If you are in the affected areas, you can check here for up to date information on the California fires.

H/T: Mashable, Facebook

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