This Family's Christmas Cards Get Crazier And Crazier Every Year

Christmas cards are the epitome of showcasing the grace and poise of your family.

Each photo perfectly curated to only capture the side of your family you want the world to see.

Or, if you're redditor kakalacky_guy, you show how difficult it can feel raising kids.

Jonathan Stanley (kakalacky_guy) has been having fun with his Christmas cards since 2014. Stanley told Bored Panda,

"The very first time we tried to take a 'traditional' Christmas card photo we had hilariously bad results… everything went wrong – baby cried the whole time, it was windy, the lighting kept changing, you name it."

This led to Stanley's new tradition. He'll take photos of his kids causing havoc and he and his wife trying to stop them.

"We laughed so hard at how bad the photos were that we decided just to send them out as is and our family loved it. From there the tradition was born – instead of trying to send perfect cards, we would send something that represented the chaos of parenting."

It started simple enough.

The first image showed his two boys running around the house while the parents chased them.

The next one takes it up a notch.

Stanley has made a photo showing the two toddlers cutting down a tree in the front yard with a chainsaw!

It can't be too much crazier, right?

Yes, it can, with the two boys now on the roof trying to convince Santa they've been better behaved than these photos make it seem.

Well, at least they're containing it to private property.

Who gave these boys a driver's license? Mom and dad are trying to stop the runaway vehicle.

This can't get any crazier.

Who are we kidding? New possibilities arise when a baby sister is added to the mix!

The posts have been very appreciated on Reddit.

"Your Photoshop skills are A+"

- dbug8494

"people like you are the only people who should be allowed to do family picture Christmas cards"

- TannedCroissant

"Haha thats amazing. Your dog looks like he is so over it tho 😂😂"

- ScarabHeart7796

"This is glorious"

- oceaniye

Some even have some interesting ideas about the photos.

"25 years from now turn the tables with a "Bad Grandma/Grandpa" Christmas family photo."

- shaka_sulu

"This is what I pictured Calvin and Hobbes like in real life."

- rhythmarchitectv2

"You are ignoring the real culprit. It's that dog. Just look at its eyes and they tell the whole story.
That dog is a bad influence on your children sir."

- eveel66

"Parents wearing the same clothes makes it look like you guys have been chasing them for years with no success."

- TooShiftyForYou

From the sounds of it, Stanley doesn't plan on stopping any time soon.

"Our friends and family would be so disappointed if we went back to a normal card at this point. It's also a great creative outlet and once the kids are a little older it will open up some crazy possibilities that aren't feasible with a four-year-old and a baby."

Here's to many more years of these crazy Christmas cards!

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