People Break Down The Things We Should Enjoy Now Before They're Gone
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Enjoy it now. It all fades.

Now there is wisdom we always ignore.

Life really is wasted on the young.

All kidding aside... life is fleeting.

We have to embrace everything in the best way possible.

Redditor ConesWithNan wanted everyone to celebrate certain aspects of life while it's still possible. So they asked:

"What should we enjoy before it's no longer around?"

I try to appreciate it all. Life is the all. I fall short though.

Live Long

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"Good health."


"Enjoy the health of your youth but make an effort to work out. With weights. Use household items if you don't have access to a gym. Strength training is crucial as we age."



"Teeth hygiene is one of those things you hear so often it's easy to block out. Something I heard once and never forgot it though was in the movie 'Peggy Sue Got Married.' She was able to go back in time to do things differently and in one scene she asks her grandfather if he could go back, what he'd do differently. He says, 'I'd have taken better care of my teeth.' It's stuck with me ever since."



"Grandparents and Family History. When they die, it's gone forever."


"I wish I had had more conversations with my grandpa before he passed. He lived an incredibly full life as an outdoor adventurer, but he was a very quiet man."

"I didn’t get around to actually asking to hear his stories until the last few years. I only know a fraction of the incredible life he lived. I miss him all the time. I deeply regret not having more conversations with him. I just hope I live a life he would be proud of."



"Any band or artist while they are still touring/alive."


"Absolutely yes! Back in the day Heaven and Hell (Black Sabbath with Dio, basically) made a couple of shows here in my city. I had the time and money to go but decided to spend it elsewhere as 'they will come back.' Dio fell ill from cancer the next year and died not long after. If regret turned to money, I would be able to fund my own space program."


I'll be there for you...

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"Your friends, and having time to spend with them."


"I was gonna say your parents. This is kinda in the same vein."


This is making me sad yet feeling more life affirmed. Weird.


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"Issue is, almost all bananas are essentially clones of each other due to how they are grown. That means there's extremely low genetic diversity among them."


See You Again

"As much time as possible with your significant other. I lost my wife last year and I have never and will never be the same again. She was only 41 years old. Way to young for me to be mourning the loss of my best friend and soul mate. I love you Stephanie. I can't wait to see you again."


creak and pop...

"Healthy joints. I creak and pop so much now just standing up."


"After decades of running every day, my joints are still good but when I get up in the morning the ankles sound like I'm tossing pop-its on the way to the kitchen."

"What's more annoying is that I habitually cross my legs when I lay down (don't even notice I do it) and since I have skinny legs the ankle bones will squeeze on the nerves of one leg or the other and start foot or calf cramps. Wakes me up sometimes."


Love Hard

"Your significant other. Love them with your whole heart, and appreciate them for loving you back. Don't take them for granted or you'll be left emptier than you've ever been before."


"Yep. My fiancée left me 2 weeks ago. I’ve never felt as broken as I do now. Every day is misery and a struggle to get through. I really wish I cherished those last few weeks more than I did and didn’t pay so much attention to my job."


From this Moment

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"Youth, like being a child. Doing things without a care in the world."


What did we learn? Appreciate life. Appreciate everything. Nothing is forever.

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