People Explain What Absolutely Terrifies Them To The Core

People Explain What Absolutely Terrifies Them To The Core
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We all have them, but not all fears are the same.

There are things that make us a little uncomfortable, but then there are things that completely terrify us.

Reddit user, Immediate-Salary-736, wanted to know what makes your hairs stand up on the back of your neck when they asked:

"What terrifies the sh*t out of you?"


"Locked in syndrome."

"Cannot move your body, speak, do anything but think."

"I think you can move your eyes?"


"Otherwise you're completely at the mercy of your surroundings."

"If I ever get it, just kill me."


Losing Control

"Alzheimer's disease"


"On a similar note, Parkinson's. My grandfather was lucid to the end; but physically he was just completely helpless."


"Yup. I don't fear death, but the prospect of losing my personality and sense of self little by little terrifies me. If I ever get diagnosed with Alzheimer's or dementia I'm going to go out on my own terms."


In An Instant

"A brain aneurysm. One killed my mother when I was 23, instantly. I rang her 4 days before and she didn't even have a runny nose then bam, dead. Late fifties."

"Supposedly I'm more likely to have one on a hereditary level. F**king terrifying"

[user deleted]


"Blood clots, aneurysms anything that you cant really detect happening in Your body until it’s too late. Like WTF."


"In a 5 year stretch I knew 12 people who died of blood clots in their legs. 3 of them were related a dad and his two daughters. They all started out with a weird pain in their leg. Then dead. I’m petrified of this. Whenever I get a leg cramp I freak out."


Late Discoveries

"Finally discovering very late in life, what I was supposed to have been doing the entire time."


"This one definitely resonates very strongly with me. I just turned 40 and I've failed to achieve much of anything for myself... after college I was totally lost and directionless- and I never stopped being that. I often lie awake at night wondering if any hypothetical positive that might occur at this point in life could make up for all of the wasted years already behind me."


Thought not everything has to do with the body. Some people had real world fears and phobias.


"The thought of Being in the middle of the ocean stranded"


"Ooof, Open Water. That film would’ve stayed with me for years even if I hadn’t known it was based on a true story, but knowing that those two people were just abandoned in the open sea (and that no one realized they were gone for TWO DAYS) just ruined me."


"The last scene in The Perfect Storm where the guy is alone in the water during the storm and the camera pulls away until he disappears."


Pest Control

"Cockroaches when they start flying."


"I went to South America for a summer in my teens. I stayed with a very poor family and slept on the floor. I will always remember being woken up by these strange noises. I turned on the light and the room was absolutely teeming in giant flying cockroaches. When I turned on the light half of them started flying around. I've never been more grossed out and horrified in my life. It still haunts my dreams."


'We have a saying here in Mexico: Todos son muy machos hasta que vuela la cucaracha 'everyone is too tough until a cockroach flies.'"


Open Road

"Driving. Especially out of town. I do it every day in my own town, and have very few issues, although I do get a little nervous sometimes. But man. Put me on a road trip even just 2 hours away and I'm a nervous wreck. Unfamiliar traffic and driving conditions will never not scare the shit out of me."

"Oh, and heights. F**k heights."

[user deleted]


"Getting into a serious car crash."


"So, here's how mine went if anyone's interested. Moral of the story is don't drive tired. Might be a little long, but it's here if anyone wants to read it."

"I fell asleep driving once. When the car went off the road, that's exactly when I woke up. So opened my eyes to going downhill in the grass, at about 100kmh/55mph. My reaction was just steer away from the trees and mash the brakes. I avoided the trees, but hit the end of a steel culvert sticking out from under a driveway."

"The culvert caught the car just below the steel bumper support, ripping the bottom half of the rad and condenser off, the oil and transmission pans, and part of the floor, as the wheels straddled it, and the car went up and jumped the side of driveway, becoming airborne. Landed completely sideways in the driveway on all 4 wheels."

"The scariest part was when it stopped, my glasses were gone (found them in the rear window deck) from the airbag, and I put my hand on my face and felt lots of warm liquid running down my skin. I figured it was blood, and when I pulled my hand away, it was brown?... looked down, my coffee was still in the cup holder, no lid, half full. It was coffee."


We all face our fears daily.

Hopefully we never have to face the ones that truly terrify us.

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