People Explain Which Things Scream 'I Need Attention'

People Explain Which Things Scream 'I Need Attention'
Image by Lee Murry from Pixabay

In this world of social media and selfies, it's never been easier to live as a full-blown narcissist. And Lord help us all when the attention of an attention seeker wanes.

It has really gotten out of control, hasn't it? I have never seen so many tantrums, rages, and scenes of self-indulgence in my time here on Earth. As a human, I'm embarrassed.

What is the most entertaining though is that the people who thrive on this behavior seem to have no idea how transparent they are. They really think we can't see their sad desperation.

It's about me! A new life motto for too many.

Redditoru/_somename_wanted to hear about the people who need to hog the spotlight by asking:

What screams "I need attention"?

I have held onto too many friends that are like this. I learned too late about the toxicity of these people. They will never learn because they never listen. So pay attention to these signs.


hip hop television GIF by WE tvGiphy

"I'm leaving!" then not leaving until someone acknowledges you."

- zxoabZZ

The Worst

"Vaguebooking on Facebook. Posting something like "Worst day of my life" with no explanation."

- Scrappy_Larue

"I seriously don't get why people do that, if they want to talk to that person they can message them themselves, the only reason I can imagine is some weird BPD way of wanting everyone to know who you're closer to than others."

- Information-Theory

"Lmao or they go "don't worry" or "it's not my place to say it" and it's like ???? Well why post it and get others so concerned then ????"

- Classic-Rock-Jovi


"Probably people who write fake stories on r/Entitledparents just so they get onto yt for a few minutes."

- EnderSkoom

"I had to unsubscribe from that sub because of how utterly fake all of the posts were."

"And commenters would eat it up! "Today I was at Taco Bell and a Karen spit in my face and called me a racial slur after I wouldn't buy a kid's meal for her precious baby. Luckily, there was a cop there and she got tazed."

"Wow, OP, that's crazy! Glad everything worked out for you!"

- ThatTurdOverThere

Be an Adult

"Grown people doing the baby voice to get what they want. Ugh."

- KingRubious

"Growing up my mom did not tolerate baby talk of any kind so I get uncomfortable whenever I hear it, even around young kids. If you want to teach them to speak properly then speak properly to them! An adult talking baby talk to another adult is just repulsive to me."

- Inkpots


Bored Cat GIFGiphy

"My Cat, at 6:30am. After she's been fed!"

- asbestospajamas

Cats are always going to be cats, nothing you can do. But the rest? Just walk away. Don't feed the beast. They feed off of our giving our time to their mess. Starve them.


awkward what if GIF by NETFLIXGiphy

"I had a friend who at my graduation party when my dad was giving a toast said "yeah well I'll never get a degree because I have two kids and my life is over" followed by awkward silence and my dad continuing "so as I was saying.." it was BAD."

- lilypedals

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yada yada yada...

"Someone who isn't part of your conversation that changes the subject of a conversation just to talk about themselves. I had a coworker this morning doing this exact same thing while we were on our break."

"Me: Yawns"

"Coworker A: "Tired?"

"Me: "Yeah, didn't slept enough last night."

"Coworker B: "Awww that sucks. Well, my doctor says I shouldn't worry about this pain in my wrist, but I think he's wrong because I have trouble doing this, this, this, yada yada yada..."

"Coworker A and I just stared at each other in silence, wondering what the hell she was blabbing about."

- Youre_late_for_tea

I Concur

ugly donald glover GIFGiphy

"People saying "I know I'm ugly 🥺" then get big mad when you agree."

- BillyBobJoelJuinor11

Calm Down

"People who post themselves crying."

- ny4sha

"Unless it's sincere* A friend of mine put a photo of herself crying and wrote what she was distressed about. She deleted it a minute after but I had seen it. I'm glad she posted it and I saw it because I was able to talk her down and make her feel better about it."

- Keep_a_Little_Soul

"I think crying in front of a camera is a uniquely American phenomenon."

- Douglasqqq

Shut Up!

truck submarine GIFGiphy

"Obnoxiously loud exhaust on piece of crap cars and lifted trucks."

- marcus_borealis


"A baby with a dirty diaper."

- Jack_Croft

"With my oldest I actually set alarms after accidentally going 9 hours without changing him (he hadn't pooped he was just wet). So every 3 hours my alarm went off and everyone who I was with would start yelling at me to change the baby. The weirdest part was he was really easy to potty train. I guess that while sitting in his wet diaper for hours without complaint was acceptable, wet underwear was considerably less so."

- AoiroBuki


"Being extremely vocal about disliking something that a lot of others like; movies mainly. I myself have been guilty of this. I think we all have."

- Swankified_Tristan

"I see the same thing with people who want to bash people for what they are drinking."

"Oh, you are drinking a fruity tropical drink?" "Yes, and? Please screw off with your drink."

"I hate Beer/Vodka/Some Beverage" Yes, Ok, good for you, but millions, perhaps billions, like it, so it's not going away any time soon."

- Commander_Shepard_

Explain Please

Sassy Red Wine GIF by Married At First SightGiphy

"When people post super vague statuses like "Prayers needed please!"

- KeenanJericho"

Keep an eye out. Something big is happening!" ...never posts a follow up. Like what was it? Was it a poop. It was a big giant poop, wasn't it, Lindsay?"

- cawteja


"Faking disorders."

- _devin7

"People who fake disorders probably have something wrong with them. Not the thing that they are faking, but they're definitely a little off. Healthy people don't feel the need to fake disorders."

- 69frogsinajar

"This just makes everyone's lives worse especially those with actual disorders."

- sossololpipi

Who Cares?

"Gender reveal parties."

- wryipl

"Maybe when the reveals started and they were small affairs with confetti and with people who'd genuinely be happy for you and your offspring, it was probably not that big a deal. But these new versions that have to be recorded and posted online and use horrible pyrotechnics that cause major forest fires... yeah, that's textbook narcissism right there."

- Somedude_89

in the public eye...

"Posting their lives on social media. I mean, maybe posting that time that you visited another country is ok, but you still do it for attention, I think. But, I a talking about those people who post literally everything that happens in their day. Unless they are a celebrity or someone famous, because they are probably just doing publicity."

- STJ41

Quiet Please

"A ridiculously loud car stereo system."

- StevenArviv

"I had woofers in my car until I was over 30. I'm older than that now and have actually considered getting them again. I guess I'll scratch that off the list. At least as I got older I kept it louder on highways only… hahahaha."

- Fortyouncestofreedom

"Maybe their AC and window openers broke and they're trying to shatter their windows to get some fresh air, there people could die and here you are complaining."

- CC-5576-03

My Ears!

miley cyrus singing GIF by Saturday Night LiveGiphy

"My mom was visiting her friend's craft sales once and a lady at another booth started singing super loudly."

- thebiggestnerdofall

Bless You

"The way my step nan sneezes, she screams so loud that u can hear her from outside the house, her sneezes genuinely sound like a dying animal."

- krumplisteszta2004

"I'm trying to train someone I know to stop that. I have 3 different sneezes that I can pick from depending on the context, and none of them involve screaming, so maybe one will stick with them."

- BronchitisCat

Poor Alice

hoot GIFGiphy

"When someone does a picture post for a friend's birthday that features more of themselves than the friend. Like the post says "Happy Birthday Alice!" And all the pictures in the post of Alice are at OP's wedding or OP's baby shower."

- everythinglatte

Be better people. Get a therapist. Seek the root of your need. Yes, attention can be nice but don't beg for it. That's just sad. And I for one am not going to waste anymore time on the drama.

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