The world changes so rapidly it's almost impossible to keep up. It feels like culture and society is constantly on the move.

There are staples of everyday life that a lot of us aren't too keen about, but we suck it up, because it's either get onboard or whine about it.

Everything from the way we dress to the way we communicate has been reimagined for modern society.

Redditor Jezzi89 wanted us all to chat and try to make some sense about things, so they asked:

"What is becoming a total 'normal thing' in modern society. That you just don't get or agree with?"

I miss landlines sometimes.

Not the rotary phone but just having a landline. I'm told it's so outdated now.

But I liked having a back-up.


"Subscriptions to most services now. I'd rather do one time payment for apps and games." ~ Orchestral_Design


"Sharing every thought you have on the freaking Internet... ah, crap." ~ NorthernMistress

"I kind of like this idea in the sense of the kind of access historians will have in the future to our thoughts and problems. The lives of the common people laid bare in vast primary sources. Kind of beautiful when you think of it like that." ~ vampyreprincess

Yes, it's on Netflix...

"Advertising and companies keeping so much of your data." ~ ARL2D2

"Okay this but also why are people walking ads for companies now. I swear someone is always telling me about some app I need to download or show to watch or stores to shop at. It reminds me of that one show on Netflix, I think its called Maniac. Starring Emma Stone and Jonah Hill or something. Yes, it's on Netflix. It's a great show, you should watch it some time." ~ taargustaargus87


People using those Amazon door locks on their homes so delivery people can unlock your door and go in your house." ~ BlackCloudWrecker

"I sort of half-wittingly enabled this with my Amazon account since somehow they knew my lift master garage door was capable of this. Amazon was pushing hard for this delivery option about a year ago. I almost didn't think it would even happen, but sure enough one day a delivery guy opens my garage door even though I was home."

"It was very alien feeling, disconcerting and I didn't like it one bit. Immediately disabled it. I guess it makes sense if you live in an area with high rate of package theft, don't work from home, and also can't have your packages shipped to your workplace. I'm a no to 2 of those 3 categories so yeah." ~ melanthius

No Sharing

"Sharing your whole life on social media. Every restaurant you visit, your place of work, pictures of your kids (especially when they're in school uniform) and when you're going on holiday. This is all public and mostly anyone can see this info, please for the love of tacos protect your private life from possibly malicious people." ~ Underrated-cottage


Why are there so many apps?

I have too many passwords for stuff like that.

And I swore I'd never be that person. Alas...

Fake News...

"The fact that Journalistic Integrity is just gone. And people don't just seem fine with it, they actively embrace it. When opinion pieces started to pass for real news... I mean, no one was driving the car anymore." ~ KingGuy420



"Recording or taking a picture of someone who is unaware, then putting it on social media. Imagine you're just going about your day, sitting by yourself at a restaurant or laughing into your phone at a park and someone spots something funny about you, next thing you're a meme." ~ FarTooChatty


"The weird skits people do and then post on socials. It'll be couples engaging in a fake fight or something and posting it. It's really weird to me that you could be sitting at home, or in the car, and one of the people is like, 'let's make a fake fight video for tik tok.' I just can't even fathom having that conversation, let alone actually doing it." ~ BigMac2_5


"Ads. We're ok with ads everywhere." ~ Lusitanius

"I cannot understand how people don't use adblock. I told my family multiple time that I have YouTube on my phone without ad since I have a blockers and they prefer just power through it. How can you get so numb to ads ?! It's an agress." ~ Dahns

"I adblock everywhere I can. And if I can't, I literally mute my audio and turn away from the screen from any and every ad. I refuse to participate in advertising entirely." ~ wannabesq

Online Issues

"Social media bullying. Everybody plays the victim & people jump in w/o knowing the other side of the story. Nobody cares about your bloody personal life & whom you've messed with. I think if you bully people at social media then play the victim afterwards, you got a small mind and deserves no respect." ~ Tha_no2_QuiNit_


Yes. Yes and YES! All of the above!

Social media has ruined us, and our need for instant gratification.

Where do we go next?

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