Sometimes the things we once thought were uncouth are suddenly "in fashion." And often we view these behaviors as mind boggling. Like, how in the world is chivalry being dead ok? Or, when did it become ok to just treat employees and staff... ANYWHERE... as slaves? Society has gone awry and we must learn to cope apparently.

Redditor u/CaptainWaffleIron wanted to hear about what sort of behavior we've decided is "acceptable" by asking.... What's a crazy/screwed up thing that society has mostly normalized?



Not getting enough sleep and making it through each day with caffeine.


The Job Issue... 

How some jobs expect you to arrive early or leave late.


I don't mind showing up early for a shift by 15 mins or so, that's just me and my own decision. But the last stupid part time job I tried out the owner wrote up a page in her manual that she wanted everyone to sign which was nasty as hell and the main sticking point was "If you screw up on cash or a customer stays late that is YOUR fault and YOUR problem and I don't want to see it reflected in your time AT ALL."

Then told us (mostly high schoolers and college kids, I was one of only 2 adults with children and not living at home) to sign it. I didn't sign it, she asked me why, I told her that if I was expected to clock out 15 minutes after closing despite any till issues and/or customers leaving late (weren't allowed to tell them to gtfo coz she might lose money) then I was leaving at exactly 9:15 whether the store was clean or the till was counted or not. This came just two days before she changed my schedule on me at the last minute, no one told (ASKED) me, and they called me up on my day off while I was on a coffee date with my daughter demanding why I wasn't at work.

Forget that lady, your bottom line isn't mine. Not for minimum goddamn wage, you don't.


Corporate Loyalty.

Corporate loyalty. Their prerogative is to give you as little as they can to make you work the most. How people feel guilty about abandoning their jobs for other ones that pay more is beyond me.


The... actual faculty!

Higher education in the U.S. has shifted focus over the past few decades. Colleges today are mainly just an ecosystem for investors and profiteers to exploit: student loans, construction projects, government grants, layers of useless administration.

The actual faculty are being replaced with underpaid associate and adjunct professors, and even with clueless grad students. Top faculty are encouraged to spend their time on money-making research, not teaching.


Damn FB.


Getting your facts from a facebook post.


Or from a political/news sub on reddit, with zero critical thinking involved. Dangerous stuff.

Or from memes.


badge of honor.

How being the most busy, most stressed out, most unhappy is a badge of honor.

Conversation example: Person 1: "man, I've been so busy lately.."

Person 2: "oh no, you don't even want to know how busy I've been. I've been sleeping 3 hours a night to reach this deadline."

Person 1: "oh yea? I've been murdering small children to meet my deadline...."

Person 2: "you have no idea what busy is. I've been stabbing the elderly and stealing their retirement money to reach my deadline."

Person 1: "..son of a b... you HAVE NO CLUE WHAT BUSY IS and here's why..."

We get it. You're busy. Tell me about something you actually like.


 It's unbelievable. 

The US has been fighting since 2001. There are kids joining the army right now who were born after 9/11 (barely). We seem to have just accepted that we'll always be at war. There are people, right this second, fighting, killing, and dying halfway across the world and for most Americans, we don't give it a second a thought. It's unbelievable.


Such Rubbish...

Single-use society. How much waste we produce and just dump in landfills.


You should watch "The secret life of landfills: a rubbish history" on bbc 4 (if you can where you live) the team dug up a 19th century landfill and nothing had decayed. Nothing. The newspapers were Readable. Depending on the ground conditions rubbish can last almost Forever.


No to Social Media! 

Becoming obsessed with social media, both looking through it and uploading to it. People have a need to make themselves look like they're living on top of the world for their followers and people think negatively of themselves when they see people who they think are having better lives then them.

(And IMO, I don't count Reddit as social media, I don't know anyone one on here in real life. I know people who have accounts but we don't know the other's username. I don't browse people's profiles, I just use it to discuss things I like with random, anonymous people online.)


Greed is Gross....


Lobbying, it happens so often nobody bats an eye when a multi-million or even billion dollar corporation influences politics for their personal gain and it's perfectly legal.



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