People Explain Which Things Conservatives And Liberals Can Actually Agree On
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We're more alike than different.

That is the mantra all the peacemakers keep trying to drown us with.

But then everytime we turn on a tv all we see is political an ideological infighting.

Apparently there are a few ideas and points of view we can agree on.

I'm skeptical, but I'd love to hear them.

RedditorYellowBwanted to hear about all the ways that maybe we can actually find common ground in this difficult world. They asked:

"What is something that both Conservatives and Liberals can agree on?"

I would hope the end of the world is a big one. We should all want to avoid that one. Right?


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"There’s an SNL skit about this. Contestants on a game show have to guess whether someone is a Republican by what they believe, and they can’t figure it out. Statements like '[social media] is bad' and 'Epstein didn’t kill himself.'"



"That deep down, it feels like we’re never really in control of what happens in the world."


"That’s why I don’t like participating in political discussions. A) you’re never going to change someone’s political views by arguing with them about it and B) it really doesn’t matter. The chances of me discussing it actually producing chance might as well be zero."



"That congress shouldn't be able to buy, and sell stocks while in office, and should be severely punished for insider trading."


"A friend of mine works for the lottery and she and immediate family are also banned from ever personally benefitting in any way from lottery winnings. So like if I won the lottery I wouldn’t be able to pay off her house or put her kids through college."



"I volunteered for Obama and was a heavy Bernie Sanders supporter living in Trump country and I have to say, 'liberals and conservatives' can agree on most things when an actual in-depth conversation happens between them. The arguments typically aren't about the issue but differences in perception, ignorance/prejudice, and major differences in beliefs as to how you can accomplish the mutually desired outcome."



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"Pizza. Great equalizer. Rich people love pizza, poor people love pizza, white people love pizza, black people love pizza."


Pizza. Pizza and SNL. They bring peace.


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"Cancer sucks."


"You know, I used to think we could agree on eradicating disease, but now I’m not so sure about that."


Do they cover invisible jets?

"We don't need an extended warranty for our car."


"Mess with them. Ask them if that includes modded cars (like a DeLorean with a flux capacitor) custom cars (batmobile), sentient cars (Bumblebee) and if you get a special deal for cars retrofitted with Pym tech since their ability to shrink means they're easily stored safely. Do they cover invisible jets?"

"I love messing with the people who call in. Even better if I can keep it going for a few minutes, slowly escalating the details before they catch on. One set of scammers are catching on - they're starting to hang up when I give them the address for P. Sherman 42 Wallaby Way."


How High?

"The rent is too damn high."


"Idk if you're a wealthy property owning person, regardless of political persuasion, you're pretty happy right now. My family member is conservative and talks about raising rents to highest possible because people will pay it. Their boss is a blue-blood liberal who actually does just that. Neither see an issue."



"My hope is more and more people can agree that the elites use the two party system to magnify our differences, divide us based on class, race, and sex, and keep us distracted and at each other's throats, so that they can continue robbing us blind."

"For example, we're selling billions of dollars of weapons to Saudi Arabia every year which they use for their offensive war in Yemen. Weapons companies and contractors are getting wealthy as f**k, while the common man is squabbling over taking down an old statue or if you need a penis to enter certain restrooms or not."


We need youth...

Getting Old Baby Boomers GIF by MOODMANGiphy

"That too many people running this damn country are way too f**king old."

"Age does not care what political alignment you are; at some point, you are just too old to be totally in touch with what's going on and to know what's right for everyone. Frightens me to know so many powerful figures here have probably had onset dementia gnawing at their brain for the last 5-10 years."


Dear God yes! It's time for some retirements. Please. Let's start there.

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