One of the main things which keeps us tuning in to our favorite TV shows is returning to the company of our favorite characters.

The people we wish were our friends in real life, who we hope will take care of us should we ever end up in a hospital, or will come to our rescue should we need the police.

More often than not, however, the characters who are anything but loveable draw us back into our favorite shows just as easily.

The characters we "love to hate" as it were.

Of course, for a show to draw us in, we need at least one character to root for or sympathize with.

As when a show is completely void of likable characters, or characters with at least one redeemable trait, we might find ourselves less inclined to tune in week after week.

Redditor hungrytiredandbored was curious to hear the shows people think are completely void of sympathetic characters, leading them to ask:
"What show has no likable characters?"


"Toddlers and tiaras."

"I don’t like the parents and just pity the kids."- 14941494

Well, At Least There was someone, or something, to root for...

"I watched the only season of 'The Mist' tv series and I was rooting for the Mist to kill everyone."- ClownfishSoup

We're Bound To Outgrow Certain Friendships...

"'Friends from College', but I think that was the point."- Kiaiea

angry cobie smulders GIF by NETFLIXGiphy

Truth Is Scarier Than Fiction

"Today in Parliament."- Altruistic_Sun_1626

The Title Should Have Been Something Of A Giveaway

"'How To Get Away With Murder'."

"It's a slow burn on hating every single character."

"From the very start, there is maybe one likable character and as the series reaches its climax, every single character becomes an unlikable mythomaniac sociopath."- apkryptos

Just Think Of The Children!

"Caillou."- reyath

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Still Better Than Our Current Reality...

"'Veep' was very funny, but I really did not want any of the characters to succeed."- dohapad101

Money Has A Way Of Ruining People....


"They are all awful people."- EmployNo4461

So Awful We Couldn't Look Away...

"Tiger King."- Electronic_Turnip419

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A Bit Less Than Fabulous...

"My Big Fat Fabulous Life."

"Just the worst."- Successful-Ad4251

Every show needs a good villain.

But, be it scripted or reality, all shows need someone we can at least relate to to keep us invested.

That being said, there is something equally satisfying about "hate watching".

Something incredibly easy to do when you hate every single character.