This Teacher Was Struggling To Explain The Horrible Truth Of Bullying To Her Class. But When She Used Apples? Genius.


Quick: you've got to explain bullying to a child using one prop. Which do you choose? There's a quote by Albert Einstein that says, "If you can't explain it to a six year old, you don't understand it yourself."

This statement reigns particularly true with tough subjects like bullying. How do you explain that some people are mean to other people, and why?

Rosie Dutton, a teacher, visits schools to talk to kids about mindfulness. She recently taught a lesson about bullying, and posted it to her Facebook page, Relax Kids Tamworth. Since then its been liked more than 160k times and the story has gone viral as people share her amazing lesson. Check out why it's become so popular by reading it for yourself, below.

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After her post blew up, Rosie edited her post on Facebook.

Bullying is something we should all stand up against.

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