Surgeons Break Down The Most Messed Up Thing They've Ever Seen In A Patient's Body

What in the world are people doing with their spare time? Some of us are not treating our bodies like a temple, we're treating it like a garbage dump. I'm nervous to get my ears re-pierced, I can't imagine shoving, anything, in any place of my body just for kicks.

That's why I am fascinated and horrified when I hear stories out of an ER or surgery. I have many friends in the medical field and the things they have witnessed, even "Grey's Anatomy" writers would be baffled.

Do people really not care about death that much? Because I'm terrified. It's why I won't swallow swords or fire. At the very least. Clearly others feel differently.

Redditor u/TheFatDuck_YTwanted to know about the times medical staff has been left speechless by inner body discoveries, by asking:

Surgeons of Reddit, what is the most f**ked up thing seen in someone's body?

There are just somethings insurance doesn't cover, and it really shouldn't. I mean if you're gonna run around shoving things in all sorts of places or swallowing anything off the streets then that really should be out of pocket. Make you think twice.

For Beauty

Botox GIF by memecandyGiphy

"Cement. I work in derma and had a couple of women come with cement injected in their face and didn't know why they couldn't feel their face/ do certain facial expressions. And yes, they wanted a discount dermatologist so they went to Mexico."

- DeezNutzPremium

On the Cheek

"Neurosurgeon here. Guy came into the hospital with 3 days of headache out of nowhere. Head CT showed a large nail through the anterior skull base (think above the nose, between the forehead). When asked about it he had been using a pneumatic nail gun a couple days before. He remembered a moment when he didn't brace the gun right and it rebounded, hitting him in the face."

"It must have fired a nail when the end hit him in the face and he didn't realize it. He indeed did have a small wound in his cheek that fit with the story. Luckily the nail avoided the large blood vessels and other critical structures in the brain. We had to take him to surgery in order to pull it out. Cutting it out of his brain was weird."

- I_Crack_Skulls


"My dad used to work at a psych ward and a severely schizophrenic man got ahold of a pen and jammed it down his urethra. No one realized until the thing had calcified and he was going into organ failure. My dad doesn't know what happened to him, but I'm sure that must have been one gruesome surgery."

- SquilliamFancySon95

Dr. Psycho

"Obligatory not a surgeon but I read a news article about a surgeon who found someone's initials cauterized into a patients organ. Turns out it was a surgeon who had done a previous surgery and felt the need to leave his mark on a patient. I believe he lost his medical license over it."

- Negrodamu5

Down the Hatch!

Pop Tv Eating GIF by Big Brother After DarkGiphy

"Guy had put a cucumber down his throat and it broke off so he couldn't pull it back out. He came in with his wife."

- erin_baile

I love cucumbers. Now I may have to avoid them altogether. Although I eat mine in pieces in a salad. I'm a novice I guess. And cauterizing patients? Now that is a Dateline NBC episode we need.

Cough it Up!

Cat Movie GIF by The Secret Life Of PetsGiphy

"Bezoar (giant hair ball) in the exact shape of a stomach. Turns out, she worked at a hair salon and was eating OTHER PEOPLE'S HAIR!"

- Pathologyg


"Dentist. We had 2 men come in to reception, one of whom had a snooker ball in his mouth. The man who didn't explained that they'd been at the snooker club down the road and his friend bet someone £50 that he could fit a snooker ball in his mouth. He won the bet then found he couldn't get it out. We had to sedate him and dislocate his jaw to remove it."

- zelda4444

Lucky Fool

"Surgeon here. Trauma patient with who fell on steel rebar and it went in one side of the chest and out the other side long ways. Somehow missed his heart, esophagus, major arteries. We removed it with no critical injuries."

- PlumbingBlood

"I saw a show where they tested something like that - a guy had slipped and fell on a plant stake that went from the bottom right ribcage, up through the chest and out the left side of his neck."

"I think he even walked into the ER like that, and there was surprisingly little trauma for what looked absolutely horrible."

"The show came to the conclusion that his saving grace was that the stake was dull/not sharp, so it kinda pushed past everything critical without serious damage. Their experiment with a sharpened stake was much more lethal. Definitely one lucky guy."

- lostsoul76


"I used to work in medical sales and one A+E Dr I visited had an 8 ball on his desk (it had a little stand and a glass case). I had to ask - thinking it was a pool competition trophy. It wasn't a pool competition trophy."

- ozzieowl

Don't Tell Me

"My mother in law used to be a scrub nurse and she told us a story about a patient they had in the OR who purposely cut up little bits of a metal coat hanger and barbed them so they couldn't be removed, then proceeded to shove them up his urethra. I can't remember the actual medical term for it but he was one of those people who had a mental health issue and wanted surgeries done so he would constantly do terrible things to himself because they would have to surgically correct them."

- LucielleBall12

Tea or table?

spoon GIFGiphy

"Not a surgeon. Knew someone who ate spoons. Just swallowed them and had surgery to remove them repeatedly. Batteries too."

- throwaway4u2021

Spoons, batteries and hair? Now I've heard it all. And it's more than I needed to know!

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