Surgeons Break Down The Most Messed Up Thing They've Ever Seen In A Patient's Body
Image by Sergei Belozerov from Pixabay

What in the world are people doing with their spare time? Some of us are not treating our bodies like a temple, we're treating it like a garbage dump. I'm nervous to get my ears re-pierced, I can't imagine shoving, anything, in any place of my body just for kicks.

That's why I am fascinated and horrified when I hear stories out of an ER or surgery. I have many friends in the medical field and the things they have witnessed, even "Grey's Anatomy" writers would be baffled.

Do people really not care about death that much? Because I'm terrified. It's why I won't swallow swords or fire. At the very least. Clearly others feel differently.

Redditor u/TheFatDuck_YT wanted to know about the times medical staff has been left speechless by inner body discoveries, by asking:

Surgeons of Reddit, what is the most f**ked up thing seen in someone's body?
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Surgeons Divulge The Biggest Mistake They've Ever Made In The Operating Room
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When it comes to the life of a patient, precision is one key factor of utmost importance.

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Surgeons Share The Dumbest Thing They've Ever Had To Remove From A Patient
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The things that the people in the medical people see on the regular could haunt the dreams and days of an average person. What are some of us thinking? How in the world do we get certain foreign objects in our bodies? And most of the time the craziest things we implant are when we're stone cold sober. Why is humanity like this?! Stop sticking things were they don't belong!

Redditor u/ZenyatasBalls96 wanted to hear from the surgeons out there regarding the dopes they've treated by asking..... Surgeons of Reddit, what was the dumbest thing you had to remove from someone?

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Surgeons Share The Weirdest Objects They've Ever Had To Remove From Someone's Body

We really are a simple people. Aren't we? I mean, how difficulty is it to NOT insert various things into or body orifices? Especially our bums. At the very least we can learn to ease objects in and out. Use finesse friends. Lord help the medical teams out there. How they keep a straight face in certain situations is a miracle.

Redditor u/LordPurloin wanted to know if the surgeons out there would discuss surgery shocks they've come across by asking.... Surgeons of reddit, what's the weirdest object you've had to remove from someone's butt?

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Slicing someone open and fixing their insides takes some intense concentration and planning. These surgeons reveal what it really takes to pull off a big procedure.

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