You would think in this age of modern society and seemingly faster-than-light information sharing, we'd see the reaped rewards of sharing positive information with one another. Tales of a better world, filled with people doing their best to help one another.

Then you read stories like these and it's hard not to think we're all maybe a little deserving of it.

That's obviously not the right line of thinking, and you should always do what you can to help someone out once a day, but wow. Some people suck.

*The following article contains discussion of suicide/self-harm.

Reddit user, kwarterz, wanted to know when people showcased the absolute bottom of humanity's offerings when they asked:

"What is the most f-cked up thing a person you know has done?"

There's not an easy way to categorize these, so just take them story by story and do your best not to replicate the acts seen by others listed below.

We Can Start Off On A Lighter Note

"I know a dude who sh-t down a chimney. Impressive as it was f-cked up."


Could've At Least Sent An E-Mail

"I know someone who was doing a semester abroad in China during college. She let her boyfriend at the time fly out from the US for a week+ visit, knowing she was going to dump him the second she saw him. She did it because it would have been “too hard” to dump him over the phone."

"...the guy did not speak Chinese, and he didn’t have enough money to change his flight so he just kinda bumbled around China for a week being miserable."


Moral Of The Story: High School Kids Are The Dirt Worst

"There was a decomposing dead cat stuck between a fence and a wall next to the gym in my school. If physical education was our first lesson, we had to wait in front of the gym until someone fetched the keys. My friend Jason went to fetch the keys and left his bag. This fat class bully Toby used two sticks to pick up the dead cat, opened Jason's bag, and put the cat in. Jason hasn't noticed anything until we were in the locker room. He opened the bag, saw the dead cat, dropped the bag, cat fell apart, soup of rotten cat insides crawling with maggots splashed to the floor."

"Class was cancelled. Cleaning company had to disinfect the locker room."


Surviving Doesn't Always Mean Living

"The brother of a girl I dated years ago, almost hacked his ex girlfriend to death with a machete and then tried to kill himself by overdosing."

"They both survived and I believe he's still in prison."


Taking It Out On The World Usually Leads To People Getting Hurt

"My cousin was killed because a guy decided he’d kill himself by flooring it into another car on a major road. My cousin died, and his girlfriend had to undergo multiple extensive surgeries."

"The guy survived with minor injuries."


Lucky To Not Be At Home

"My friends dad stabbed his wife in a heated argument and blew up their house while he (dad) was still inside. Heard the explosion from my own bedroom. Luckily my friend and his sister were elsewhere. The local newspaper articles were hauntingly graphic about it."


Unable To Handle Your Own Insecurities

"He went to his wife's work new years party and got really drunk. He suddenly decided his wife was having an affair with her boss. A loud shouting match ensued and he suddenly pull out a gun. He shot his wife, her boss, and himself in the head. He and her boss were DOA. His wife lost her vision but survived. They had 3 small children."


With family like this, would you even want to have more family?

That's not the expression, but wow, there are some messed up families in the world today.

Money Was Never The Issue

"My Aunt and Uncle are rather wealthy farmers. They have spent the last several decades building up new divisions of the business for their kids to run and eventually inherit. One of the big expansions was going from simply raising beef cattle to handling the butchering and selling the meat themselves."

"Anyway, for the butcher shop they built a beautiful million dollar shop and sent my cousin's husband to butcher school to get all his licensing to be the operations manager while my cousin would be bookkeeper. They never did a thing to earn it and were essentially handed a golden ticket."

"It's a little complicated what happened next, but after a few years my Aunt/Uncle started getting negative feedback about how the place is run. When they spoke to my cousin's husband they offered him more money thinking it was a motivation issue. They were already overpaid and could afford their own million dollar home. The husband made a snarky retort that he already makes that much."

"That raised red flags, they ended up looking at the accounts and things seemed fishy. They went to the business after hours and took the bookkeeping files, the husband found out and drove to their house to essentially scream at them in rage. In the end it turns out they had embezzled over a million dollars by cooking the books."

"They got kicked out of the family business (with no legal repercussions and a fat buyout bonus) and generally have little to do with any of the family. My Aunt and Uncle have made attempts at reconciliation because they want to see their grandchildren, but have been thus far rejected."

"It's insane because they were handed everything and it still wasn't good enough. They were going to inherit the business and they blew it."


Don't Be Surprised When You're Taken Off The Family Thread

"He slept with his son's long-term girlfriend. Like his son's first love. Told his son like it was no big deal."

"He told us about it at work, and said his son was being a bit of a b-tch about it. We then watched his life fall apart as both his kids cut him out of their lives. Dude found out he became a grandpa from his older daughter via an email with no pictures."

"As you can imagine, sleeping with his son's GF was the worst thing (I'm aware of) that he's done, but he was a horrible person generally speaking."


Not The "Welcome Back" You Were Hoping For

"I was getting out of the army and had put back over $70k for a home for my family. My mother got my banking information and took every penny for drugs. When i tried suing my family disowned me"


Keeping It...sigh...All In The Family

"My uncle left my aunt for their son's wife."


Just try to live your life, day by day, without making someone else's worse. If you can do that bare minimum then you'll be leaps and bounds over the people in this story. Sainthood Status, really.

If you or someone you know is struggling, you can contact the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-TALK (8255).

To find help outside the United States, the International Association for Suicide Prevention has resources available at

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