People Divulge The Stupidest Thing They Did As A Teenager

Being a teenager is a hot mess of a situation. I wouldn't do it again unless you paid me BIG BUCKS!

I did everything as wrong as possible, And then I grew up.

I still do a lot wrong. But I'm wiser.

Being a teen makes you take chances that can change life forever. Be careful.

Redditor gravemind9 asked:

"What's something you did as a teenager that you look back on and think holy f**k was f**king stupid?"

The stories of my youth could make you faint.

So I'll just listen to yours.


"Post constant, nonsensical updates to my Facebook wall."


"There's nobody I have less in common with than the teenage me writing facebook statuses 15 years ago."


Potomac never freezes...

"Walking from Virginia to Maryland over the frozen Potomac River on my Sophomore year in high school. I got about half way out and laid down in the ice so that I could see along the bottom of the river. It wasn't until several years later that I heard on the news that the Potomac never freezes over enough for people to walk on it."


Go Away

"I thought that, if I acted angsty and pushed people away from me, it'd make people want to know more about me and why I was so distant."

"For any current teenagers who didn't already know, this doesn't work. People will just let you be alone, and go find someone who's more friendly to them being around."


"One of the greatest examples of 'Real life is soooo different from Movies.'"


Puff. Puff.

"Smoking. I started smoking at 13. I’m 40 now and can’t stop smoking for anything. If I could go back and do things differently, I would never pick up a cigarette."


"I started about the same age. I'm sure I quit smoking 100 times before I really made it stick. Most were a day or 3, I got 9 months one time. Eventually I realized that having a cigarette or 5 was no reason to quit quitting, and to just try to make it longer next time, it's fine, just do it again. It's been 8 years now, I finally stopped in my mid 30s."



"At the age of 15/16ish I travelled to England by myself to meet an internet stranger/lover."


Shocked Oh No GIF by Yêu LuGiphy

Kids world traveling? Well that is new.


"Deciding to not wear sunscreen."


"I wish I'd listened to my mum and worn sun hats when I was younger. I can see the ageing it had caused on my forehead and now I'm in my 40s I wish I'd taken better care of my skin."


The Beach Summer GIF by Kel CripeGiphy


"I shoplifted a lot, like way too much, i didnt even need the stuff, i just did it."


"I have a family member that did it… it was as you described. He said it just gave him a high. He eventually ran out of stuff he felt like nabbing and started stealing for people I.e I’ll gank this $17.99 CD for you for $10 etc."


The High

"I hung out with a bunch of burnouts who actually were quite tame. Their big thing was climbing on top of buildings. Not breaking in, not property damage, just how can we get to the top of various structures. We were on top of the Junior High which must have set off some silent alarms as cops come roaring up."

"We split up and all managed to get down without one of us getting caught. It would have been tough to explain what we were doing to both the police and then our parents as it was really just dumb."



"Driving 60+ mph with no headlights at 3am on back roads."


"I grew up in a county town, and I would sometimes go 120+. Very stupid."


Driving 101 Dalmatians GIFGiphy


Youth is really wasted on the young.

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