Students Share How The 'Quiet Kid' At School Completely Surprised Them

It's always the quiet ones!

Students Share How The 'Quiet Kid' At School Completely Surprised Them
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One of life's golden rules is... "always remember, everybody is going through something. So be kind." The quiet kid isn't just weird, they are just doing their best or maybe they just don't like the rest of you. More often than not it's the quiet ones that will drop your jaw the farthest. They have hidden talents and hearts they wait to expose... it's all about the timing in life. The quiet kid maybe the one you remember most; hopefully for the right reasons.

Redditor u/Ryrylx wanted to hear about the classmates that took everybody by surprise when they inquired... What has the "quiet kid" at school done that surprised you?

children's inpatient psychiatric facility....

I had a little boy enter my class during the year who always acted ostentatiously good. If the rest of the class was going to pot, he'd sit quietly with his hands folded, and make sure that I noticed him. [Note: I never asked the kids to do that - it's like something from olden times.]

I did smile and thank him quietly for being so helpful, but never insisted on it or mentioned it to the others.

One day he didn't come to school. Midway through the day I got a phone call from the nurse saying that this sweet little boy had been admitted to a children's inpatient psychiatric facility, and would I please get his books and schoolwork organized to send to the teachers there.

Apparently he had had some sort of an "episode" at home. I was shocked as I readied his work, because he had always been so well behaved in school.

I think that perhaps he had a bizarre home life, and school was his place to be safe and "normal." After his stay in the facility the little boy came back to school and resumed his pattern of responsible behavior. I sometimes wonder what ever happened to him. Swedishpunsch



I was "the quiet kid."

I surprised myself when this girl who'd been bullying me threw rocks at my back and legs, and I stood up and threw one back.

It literally hit her in the center of her forehead, I kid you not.

I didn't mean to do that, but I did not feel bad. TheKidsAreSad

Shy Guy. 

When i was in high school we had a kid who never talked. Seriously, never, got waivers for presentations, the whole nine yards.

He never did anything else weird... that was his weird thing. He definitely wasn't mute. I asked him and he wrote it on a slip of paper. I don't think it was a shy issue either. justaregulardude1989


The quiet kid surprised me alright.

He dealt with his depression head on, stopped smoking weed, he applied himself, got a job and moved out of a toxic home. He started working out and he traveled more, he also made more of an effort with women and over the past few years he had 2 beautiful girlfriends.

One dumped him and the other was dumped by him - both beautiful women inside and out and they were great experiences for him to mature and develop as a person.

He has his ups and downs, the last while mostly downs - but he's trying hard to be kinder to himself and be grateful for where he is now compared to before. TYIC2020

The Hard Kick.


I was the quiet kid growing up. one day in p.e I was picked on because of my last name. One boy kept calling me gay while playing soccer. Well I got mad and just kicked the ball hard straight into his groin. He kneeled over crying. That was the last time anyone ever made fun of my name. Poor kid was teased for being beat up by the little shy girl. We were on good terms after that. derangedpenguins

the low key trouble maker.....

I am the quiet kid. People would be surprised if they knew this, but a lot of trouble mysteriously caused in the classroom was by me, the low key trouble maker.

Once, in middle school, we had to prep for a science test, and the teacher kept telling us to study because of how difficult it would be. People who've already took the test warned us about it. When it got to my science period (the last science period of that day, after lunch), the test mysteriously disappeared with no copies left.

The teacher sworn that they had it, but it was nowhere to be found. The copies of the test in her computer was also completely lost and gone. We ended taking a much easier science quiz she found on the same topic, and almost everyone that period aced it.

Who stole all of the test copies and went on her computer to delete the file? Me. That story was a sample from the things I do, but that was by far the riskiest thing I've done to protect my grade, because I could've got suspended if I was caught or something. Zer0M0tivation


She never talked to ANYONE. One day, my school went bowling and my principal said if anyone could hit a 7-10 split, he'd take us all out to ice cream. After we finished bowling he asked if anyone hit a 7-10 split and I teased and shouted that this girl had and out of NOWHERE! She talked for the first time and said she had! We got ice cream because the first time the silent kid ever talked in school, she lied! Gymtoshi97

Just Nasty. 

I used to be one of the quiet kids and my only friend was a fellow quiet kid, they started a rumor that I self harm and within hours teachers were checking my arms to see if it was true, they got really popular after that and I fell into a pit of disappear because people bullied me even more for it. Cuteness_Overload-



Got a decent job, lost weight, started handling his depression, planning on college now, is currently spending his life with the woman of his dreams, and is currently on reddit.

Luckily, for me, I was the quiet kid at my school. Lol. themajor24

Chatty Kathy. 

Suddenly started being really chatty during senior year. Turns out he had a great sense of humor and could roast the crap out of the rest of us because he had spent the previous two years quietly observing. It was so awesome to see him come out of his shell. I don't know what he's up to now, but I know his home life was pretty rough. I really hope he's doing well. NudlePockets

Regina Georging It!


Stopped being the quiet kid. He went from never speaking to anyone to one of the most popular kids. Although he was not a fool ring leader type either. khodor2012

Everyone was just blown away.

How about a happy story?

There was this kid I saw in my middle school and high school. Very creepy looking. Very thin for his age, caucasian, unkept oily hair, had a weird mustache in HS, and would twitch/fidget all the time. People didn't want anything to do with him because he was always talking to himself with quiet unidentifiable mutterings. Well fast forward some years to the senior high school talent show.

He walks on stage and busts out the best rapping I've ever heard in my life. Everyone was just blown away. My last memory of him in HS was seeing him with two girls. From creep for nearly all of your schooling to popular during the last 2 weeks of public school was amazing. I hope he's gone on to do great things. EconArch

The Bodyguard. 

in 6th grade i sat next to a quiet girl in my Italian class, i took a liking to her because she was the only person who would put up with me. two girls sitting near us started harassing me, i didn't even say anything to them but they were just being really cruel because they thought i was annoying. the quiet girl didn't hesitate to stick up for me and tell them to leave me alone.

i was so surprised that she did that, she was so shy and gentle and unassuming but she immediately defended me from these really mean girls. i was so grateful for the fact that she actually cared about me enough to put herself in a scary situation just so that i wouldn't be alone. She's now one of my best friends 7 years later. :) 12wolfie

Young Hannibal. 

They told me how they, as a small child once squeezed their hamster till it's guts came out then shoved them back in and acted like nothing happened and their parents thought it died of natural causes.

edit: for clarification, they stuffed the entrails back into the hamster then put the hamster back into its cage. justawiliBeanSprout



My dad said the quiet kid at his school was also awkward, lanky, and didn't get paid a whole lot of attention to. Well... she turned out to be Michelle Pfeiffer. He told the story many times to us growing up and said it's important to be kind to everyone for many of reasons, including one being you just never know who they'll turn out to be one day! alyloohoo

"he was in our class"

Married me.

He was the quiet kid who never really interacted with the other kids. I was a nerd but pretty outgoing/chatty. I knew him in high school because it was a really small school and sometimes I would basically force him to talk to me since I sat by him in homeroom. But we weren't really friends. I thought I annoyed the crap out if him.

Fast forward to college and even though we went to different schools we wound up in the same friend group. Most weekends we'd all travel to visit friends at other schools. He turned out to be hilarious. Still a bit quiet but funny as hell and the nicest guy on the planet. We both dated other people in college but after graduation we both wound up single at the same time and he made his move. I knew right away that I'd marry him.

Sometimes we laugh and are like, in high school did you EVER think you'd wind up with me? Because never in a million years did I envision that.

He was so quiet that a couple times I've run into old classmates and they've asked me who I married and they don't recognize his name and I have to be like, "he was in our class" and they draw a complete blank. He's way more outgoing now. Works in sales, loves dealing with people and is super charming. Meanwhile I'm the crabby one who doesn't like to deal with people because these days they annoy me. Never would have predicted that switch. People love him. Beginning_Friendship


I was that quiet kid. I think I got voted to be closet partier in my yearbook. Then after graduation, I pulled out a pipe at a party. Talk about about shock and awe. People looked at me differently after that. My_Dog_Rolls_In_Poo


I was the quiet kid. Had horrible social anxiety, not many friends. I'm happy to say that I'm in a munch better place mentally now. :)

I still have some issues to overcome, but I'm proud of how far I've come from the quiet kid in the corner. Also, I clobbered a kid with a jumbo Jenga brick in Reception and I think that caused him to bully me for the majority of primary school. :/ CharaDreamer55

It was Me. 

I was the quiet kid. Kept to myself, did art and wrote in my journal instead of socialized. After I graduated I took a solo road trip in my VW bug, worked at a ski resort for a winter - so I could Snowboard - then backpacked Europe for 3 months at the age of 21. I gave my art teacher an update about my life and she later told me she had to go look my name up in the year book because I was nothing like I had been in high school. SparrowsArt

No... you HANGRY!


One of the quiet kids in my English class got up in the middle of class and left for like 15 min. before coming back with around 40 bags of chips. He went to all the vending machines in the school and cleaned them out on chips. When someone asked him why, all he said was "I'm kinda hungry." phantom_of_the_books


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