Teaching is truly not for the faint of heart. But then again, neither is being a student.

Some people's personalities just don't line up with what being a teacher demands. And sometimes, students also take advantages in teachers' weak points.

These are those sometimes.

u/juul_ian asked:

Students who got a teacher fired, what's your story?

Here were some of those stories.

How To Truly Lose It

Not me but-

In the seventh grade this kid in my class wouldn't stop terrorizing our science teacher. They got into yelling matches often, he'd call her horrible names and insult her appearance, then he'd get suspended and come back, and the cycle would continue. Well one day she just snapped when he flicked a rubber band at her, funny because this time it had been an accident.

She got up, grabbed an nearest empty chair (which happened to be at the desk next to mine) and chucked it at him. It was one of those hefty chairs as well, the one you use to crack your back. Hit him, gave him a black eye, entire class started screaming. Honestly he deserved it, but the teacher got fired. Overall pretty scary experience, just seeing the absolute rage and resentment seething out of my teacher was enough to leave an impact on me.


Caught In The Act

Went to a private Lutheran middle school, most of it was pretty normal and nothing out of the ordinary. Our science teacher was a 45+ year old woman who seemed very strange from the get go. Mind you everyone sort of thought the same, the rest of our day/classes were just like any other school and teachers, but she was off. She had us take home a field trip form for an outing to the country to explore some estuary/wetland area or something of that sort, when that Friday came around we were getting ready to go and she said "we're not going to go there anymore, we're going to go to my new house and clean it out before I move in."

Right away everyone was like lol wat. People were saying immediately "uh I'm not going to do that", I stepped outside and called my mom and a few kids went to the office to ask to call their parents. This started a gigantic snowball of problems, she ended up not having a teaching license and a ton of other things like lying about her job history, etc.


That's What We Call Assault, Kids

We were in middle school and we'd dealt with this creepy, weird, teacher all year. He was just a very strange man and no one was comfortable around him. He had a nasty temper too, would go off at the drop of a hat.

End of the year we had a field day with water balloons and squirt guns and the whole nine yards. Because we're twelve and that's what we wanted. The class clown was running around dumping buckets of water on people's head, which no one minded because...duh, it's field day and like a hundred degrees out.

He dumped a bucket of water on the creepy teacher's head. Creepy teacher grabbed him by the throat and threw him into the ground. Hard. Adult versus twelve year old kid.

I was the only one who saw it. I helped the kid up and we were both like "That is not okay." We went to the principal the next morning and the creepy teacher was gone by the end of the day.


We Don't Live In An Anime

He would stare blatantly at a 100-point font word on the girls shirt and ask "Ooohhh, what does your shirt say???" and also sit the skirt-girls in the front of the class, and he must've "dropped" thousands of pencils a day. I can't remember a time he wasn't sleezy, so me and a bunch of people reported him.


Down And Out

I went to a private boarding school in elementary and had a teacher that was quite bizarre. She was really touchy with students (nothing overly inappropriate from what I remember, just put her hands on students, etc.) and had a very bad temper. She also assigned a ludicrous work load/homework; to the point where as a elementary student I had about 1-2 hours of homework every night. During the school year I frequently got debilitating migraines from stress, which as a 7-11 year old was pretty absurd.

She would physically discipline kids in class, be verbally abusive, etc. Maybe halfway through the year there had been a ton of complaints from students/parents that made it to the principal regarding her disciplinary actions, putting her hands on students, things like that. She then proceeded to personally call the students parents and tried to coerce the students over the phone that 'we were fine with the touching.' Keep in mind my mom was on the phone and it came off as really predatory and bizarre.

All of this resulted in several students transferring to another class with only a month or two in the school year. The school ended up letting her finish out the year, (probably to avoid the mess of trying to find a sub) but she was definitely on notice; she tried to 'recover' her persona but the damage was done. She got fired after the end of the school year.


Steady Decline

Not me, but my brother's computer class teacher in high school was an old man with a slipping memory. Turns out it was more than that, I think it was Alzheimers, going senile, something like that. In his wrong mind, he accused my brother of putting a virus on his computer, some delusional accusation from out of nowhere. He tried to get him in trouble, but he proved it was false, and they let him go more so because of his deteriorating health than to punish him.


Not Your Friend, Your Teacher

My freshman year in HS we had a substitute teacher for one day. He wanted to be "cool guy teacher" so he started to ask us a bunch of questions that had NOTHING to do with the class. Out of the blue he asked us "Who in here believes in God?" A few of us raised our hands. He looked at us with disgust and actually said "Wow, your parents are raising morons!"

All of us (even those who didn't raise their hands) went to the office, and told our parents. They called the school and a couple threatened to call the news. He was fired and NEVER taught in our county/city again. Last I heard he was working at an oil change place. (Not a bad job, but not a teacher either) He bragged to us about his teaching degree, so college was for nothing. It was even his VERY first solo-teaching class ever, and his last.


Mr. HEART-ley

Not me but...

It was year 7 (UK) so I was around the age of 12 and we were just a few months into secondary school. Two boys in my history class were messing around, trying to get at each other when one of the boys went up to the other. He pushed the other boy and the other boy pushed back.

A few seconds later fists were being thrown and the teacher sees it. He wasn't the best at teaching, however he was very calm and friendly man. The teacher speed walks over to the two boys, steps in between them and pushes them away from each other, kind of like how a boxing referee would.

It wasn't a very forceful push, but the boy who started it over-exaggerated and fell backwards, clutching his chest shouting 'Why did you push me?!?!'. The teacher helps him up off the floor and I can't remember what happened after that point.

The next lesson we had a supply teacher, and the lesson after that, and so on. We surely thought he had been fired. None of us saw him around school or anything.

Fast forward five years and I'm heading towards reception during lesson, and he comes out of the staff office and smiles. I didn't ask him about the incident. He said that he left for a while and had come back, and he still remembered teaching me :)

Mr Hartley, you're a big legend.


Disputed Grade

I had an economics professor in College who was by no means a bad professor. He prepared power points like most college professors but he always elaborated on the information and provided examples and kept us engaged with questions. Despite this, he was clearly disorganized. He gave three tests for the semester and one final. I had received an A on all three exams. When it came time for the final I was prepared but I knew I didn't do well on it. When the final course grades were posted I noticed he gave me a B.

I asked him what my grade on the final was and he told me I had received a B. I questioned how I could get As on all of the exams, a B on the final, and receive a final grade of B. He then replied that I had received two As and a B on the class exams. I disputed this with them but I had not kept a copy of the exam since it was end of semester. I disputed with the head of the Economics department and it was declined and the matter was considered closed. For whatever reason, he was fired. Maybe not because of my doing but I think I contributed to a long list of complaints.


Who Does This To Babies?!

My first grade teacher took a disliking to me. She pretty much verbally abused me in front of the class from the git go... I was her whipping boy so to speak. Would pull me up in front of the class and explain to them how stupid I was. It went on for some time, I mean hell, I'm a little dope who just started school how am I to know.

Well, it got to be too much as I went home crying after one particularly difficult day. Once I came clean to my mother about what had been going on she went all momma bear at the school. Got that mean ole lady fired posthaste. And the world is a better place for it.


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