Guy Refuses To Be In Sister’s Wedding Party Because He’s In Love With Her Fiancé
Emotions are a fickle thing. Falling in love, disliking someone and just getting that general feeling to trust a stranger are all completely valid and totally unintentional. So, what happens when these illogical feelings start causing issues in your life? That was the issue facing Redditor and Original Poster (OP) helpme__2 when he came to […] More

Couples are often advised to be wholly honest with their partners and that it's the bedrock of a healthy, successful relationship.

When asked, any partner would swear until they were blue that they've told their partner absolutely everything they could possibly tell them, ever, until the end of time.

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Being a doctor comes with many challenges.

Long hours, challenging surgeries, icky symptoms or injuries.

The most frustrating challenge that all doctors find themselves dealing with, however, might be stubborn patients.

Patients who think they know better than their doctors, despite the fact that they haven't completed medical school or residency.

Or patients who simply don't seem to grasp what their doctors are telling them and constantly return with the same problem.

Often putting themselves in dangerous, possibly fatal, situations, and leading their doctors to wish that all their patients were just ever so slightly more informed.

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Teen Claps Back After ‘Brutally Honest’ Cousin Calls Her Friend ‘Not That Pretty’ Upon Meeting Her
When your family and friends disagree, it can be difficult for some to take sides. But when you do, how do you handle the fallout from the aggrieved party? Redditor besos_for_jongho had an issue with her cousin and her friend. When the original poster (OP)’s cousin makes fun of her friend, OP retaliates. Now, her […] More
People Disclose Their Own Most Toxic Traits
Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

Most of the time, we fight against our own worst natures to function like "regular" people.

It's what we deal with all day, every day, and it's a struggle.

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