People Explain Which Societal Norms They Refuse To Follow
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Many of us are too concerned about what others may think about us.

Do our outfits match the social occasion? Is the music we listen to appropriate for our age group?
The truth is, people tend to admire those who march to the beat of their own drum. It shows they are unconcerned with social conventions.
Curious to hear about how strangers deviate from how society expects us to be, Redditor Not13ReasonsWhy asked:
"What is a societal norm you refuse to follow?"

These are appearance guidelines according to the following Redditors.


"Makeup. I'm just not interested. I also have no patience or money."


Keeping Up With Fashion

"Wearing certain types of clothing solely because they're in style. I still wear boot cut jeans sometimes, why should I be embarrassed about that just because society arbitrarily decided that they're uncool? I did finally acquire one pair of skinny jeans about a decade after they first came into style. They're fine, but it just does not matter that much what kind of jeans you wear, and I'm tired of people performing horror at the clothes they wore 15 years ago. In another 15 years you'll feel the same way about the clothes you're wearing now."


White Hair, Don't Care

"I'm a 27 year old woman and I'm starting to notice gray/silver hairs on my head. My mom has been dyeing her hair for as long as I can remember. I always tell her to let it go natural and she tells me I'll understand when I start to go gray. Well I'm going and I just don't care. There's no way in hell I'm going to waste time and money dying it. Besides, the more white hairs I have the closer I am to becoming Gandalf, so."


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It can be liberating not to live within the rigid confines of social conduct.

Speak How You Feel

"Being coy about swearing in the workplace. We're adults dammit not children and it can help reduce stress in the most stressful place."


Comfort First

"Other than work, weddings and funerals, I refuse to wear a bra. And I have quite the boob shelf."

"Life is too short to be uncomfortable unless you absolutely have to."


Pasta All Day, Every Day

"Eating certain foods at certain times of the day. If I want to eat spaghetti at 9 in the morning I will."


Doing away with certain expectations, depending on people's role in a scenario, is the topic of discussion here.

Corporate Strategies

"The fact that climbing corporate ladders/gaining promotions are normalised as the blueprint for success rather than personal fulfilment in your career choice."


Party Host Foul

"Maybe not in the U.S., but Hungarians have this really annoying custom where when a dinner party guest brings a food gift or a bottle of wine, the host DOES NOT OPEN IT. Like wtf dude, this was to enjoy and share immediately, not to go put on your gift shelf to enjoy privately. Just as f'king weird and frustrating is if somebody doesn't open a wrapped gift when they get it. Ugh!"


Two Can Play At This Game

"Respect your elders. Nope, if you are a turd to me I can do it too, and better as well."


Culturally, I used to struggle with the expectation that I'm supposed to enjoy seafood since I'm Japanese.

I can't stand eating anything from the ocean. And because my father used to work in the seafood importing industry, he would bring fresh samples home as a "treat."

Now, I'm a meat and potatoes guy, and whenever I asked for my mother to whip me up some mashed taters and a burger instead, I would get reamed for it. Understandably so.

Call me a picky eater. I just like what I like.

Interestingly, I've begun to incorporate more fish and vegetables in my diet as an adult. I feel much better digesting it afterwards.

At least I've come around to adhering to a certain standard, but on my own terms.