People Share The Situations That Make Them Think 'I'm Too Old For This Sh*t!'
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They say your 30's hits different, like one day you're young a hopeful and the next day you're just WAY too old for this.

What is the "this" you're suddenly too old for?

No idea. It's different for everyone, but make no mistake, it'll happen to you too.

Maybe it already has?


Reddit user BMA1500 asked:

"What sh*t are you too old for?"

Let's take a look at how "too old" hit these Reddit users.

Internet Arguments

"Arguing with ignorant people on the internet."

- Brundleflyftw


"I have no patience or bandwidth to argue with random a-holes on social. Learned that lesson a long time ago."

"Too many fakes and bots now anyway. I am pretty much a 'read only' user of other platforms and only share opinions in person on polarizing issues."

- grumpybaldguy


"Petty games while talking to a potential partner."

"Just be straight up and real with me. Tricks are for kids."

- Squanch42069

"I've always felt this way."

"I remember when one of my girls explained the concept of 'playing hard to get' to me and I was annoyed just hearing it."

"If I have to chase you, that means you’re running away, and I don’t have time for that. If you seem uninterested, I’ll take it on the chin and leave you alone."

"If you like me just say that. If you don’t like me just say that. It’s not hard and moves the process along much faster."

"If you text me and I’m free, I’m going to text back. I’m not going to wait three hours for aesthetic purposes."

"The list goes on."

- -helpwanted


Cut That Out

"This sounds like some Instagram motivational sh*t, but spending time around people that I genuinely don't like or who make me unhappy and uncomfortable."

"There's so short of a time we have on this Earth and it just hit me right before I turned 30 that I spent a ton of that time with people who I thought sucked."

"I cut that out and I'm much happier."

- PrairieBunny91


"I realized this at my cousins wedding. I had a family member walk up to me flat out call me ugly, fat and say that I wasn’t the “good” family guy anymore."

"What!?!? Why would you even say that?? And they said it with a smile on their face the whole time..."

"After that night I haven’t spoken to them in 2 years and I’m super happy! I’m too f*cking old to be dealing with that nonsense for the rest of my life."

- MuffinTrucker


Existential Crisis

"Drinking heavily."

"It takes days to recover now, and most bad hangovers come with an existential crisis attached."

- TheOptimumLemon


"When I was young I remember times I'd have a day off from work and be like 'Hell yeah, I'm gonna get trashed and play video games all night it's gonna be great!' "

"Now it's like "Great, I'm 3 drinks in and I'm just tired & have heart burn.' "

"It's not the same."

- dont_panic21

"I used to work 12-9pm, party the entire night. And then be back to work like a pro."

"If this was a Friday, partying used to resume Saturday afternoon. That was my early 20s."

"In my 30s now, and I wait for Fridays so that I can be dead on my bed the entire Saturday."

- youngOldMonk

"The existential crisis is the worst. Just lying there wondering what the hell you are doing with your life, what came to this and when you are going to grow out of it."

"Then it passes and life goes on."

- Noggin-a-Floggin


Nothing "General"

"General admission tickets. My old ass requires a reserved seat."

- sunflakie

"Hahaha… last gen admission show I went to I had to find a 'comfortable' wall to lean on."

- jmmorart317

"When it comes to music festivals, the wife and I go for VIP just so we can get fancier washrooms and shorter lines at the food trucks."

- VanillaGorilla

"I agree but, man, it makes feel like I’m a spectator at at a concert and not part of the real party down on the floor."

- MudIsland


Ask Yourself


"There comes an age when you have to consider... 'Do I really care what kind of clickbait sh*t my high school friends who I never talk to and never will see, likes?' "

"I only had Facebook because it helped with socializing in college/high school, but afterwards it's really hard to want to add new friends because they can see your history, and you can too."

- chupalaw

"Honestly, the only reason why I have a Facebook is because I still have my mom as my friend and she passed 4 years ago."

"Every time I go on there, I'm tired now."

- mxnstrs

"I deleted Facebook three years ago."

"Found out all my Marine Corps buddies were either total idiots, painfully stereotypical post-9/11 veterans, ill-informed political junkies, and mostly people I haven't had anything to do with in years."

- combativewaifu



"Moving or helping other people move. Just no."

- Hasenpfeffer_

"I've moved a lot of times and have helped many people move."

"One of the best decisions I've ever made was hiring movers. 300 bucks for the big stuff is money extremely well spent."

- aigheadish

"I've broken my body helping people move because I'm the 'young and strong guy' in the friend group. Way too many times now. F*ck that sh*t, hire movers."

- Disastrous_Budget_11

"I can agree with this."

"I used to work as a mover for a couple summers and I don't even want to move myself lmao."

- bigelmn8r


Not The Cool Old Guy

"Tik Tok."

"I told myself when I get older I need to be open minded and not the close minded grumpy old man..."

"Then I see all these obviously staged videos and corny dancing/lip syncing stuff and realize it’s inevitable I am not gonna be the cool old guy."

- traws06

"I have this exact same process with TikTok."

"I think to myself, 'I’m really the bitter old woman I said I would never be, aren’t I?' Lol"

- moothemost

"I’ve downloaded TikTok at least 3 times and deleted it almost immediately."

"I am drawing a line at TikTok. I’m old."

- theslother


Since We're Talking About TikTok...

"When Macy's Thanksgiving Parade performers are introduced as "TikTok sensation" without any other credentials worth mentioning."

- Foxhound199

"I think the only performer I knew yesterday was Kelly Rowland because of Destiny’s Child."

"My google search history is full of my confusion."

- independencedaffodil

"Oh man I’m so glad we missed the parade then. Maybe I’m just too old but that would’ve been cringe."

- takeoutthewitch


Why Are We Screaming?

"People (mainly young girls) who scream for no reason."

"I understand if you're terrified of something, but screaming when you meet up with your friends or just when the situation does not call for it makes me SO mad. I find it so infuriating."

"Just shut up. Lol."

- CatReal7672

"My kids learned a very long time ago not to scream like that. I hate excessive loud noise in any environment, but it’s especially nerve wracking in close quarters."

"My Mother-in-Law will have a dinner every so often for the family to get together. My husbands brother’s kids are so freaking annoying like this."

"We’re having pizza? Scream."

"We’re baking cookies? Scream."

"Someone found you in hide and seek? Scream."

- bluegrassmommy

"I’ve been too old for that since I was 6. Shit was ALWAYS annoying."

- Zombifi3r


Real talk, apparently I'm *very* old going by the stuff on this list.

I'm gonna need to go sit with that for a bit... let me go turn on the seat warmer so my bones aren't stiff when I stand up later.

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