Single People Share The Most Underrated Advantages Of Living Alone

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We all hope to find the one, our soulmate, the love of our life, that one PERFECT person to spend our eternities with... it's what dreams are made of. OR is it a nightmare best to avoid? Have we been looking at single life from the wrong angles? Are single people NOT sad spinsters and lame bachelors? Maybe Beyonce really meant to say "take the ring and run!" Some people happen to love the single life with pride.

Redditor _PR2831 wanted all the 'Single Ladies... and Gents' to share **What is a highly underrated advantage of living alone? These are definitely some positive points. Let me be me! **


You never have to watch terrible movies, wait to use the bathroom or take a shower, you can eat what you want, and you can decorate however you like.


Or watching as many terrible movies as you like with no shame!



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When I lived alone I would clean my place and it would stay clean. Now I clean my place and it is messy again in about 10 minutes, it feels like.


Seriously, I deep clean the kitchen and do all the dishes whenever I cook. The next morning I wake up and the sink is piled up again. I do not understand how these guys can physically use every pan in the kitchen to make one dish. The microwave also constantly looks like a paintball range despite my best intentions.



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Never discovering all the hot water is gone when you get in the shower.


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You can basically do whatever whenever without bothering anyone. When I lived with my parents if I showered after like 9pm, you'd think I'd been running around the house playing a keytar or something with how much they complained about the noise the next morning. Plus I don't wake up to anyone else's noise, either.

Sometimes if I wake up while dreaming and I'm super disoriented I think I'm back home and worry that I'm going to hear people walking around, slamming doors, yelling at each other, etc. at some point, then I remember that I'm in my own house, in my own bed, alone with my dogs so I can rest in peace. (Not dead, though, hopefully.)

I think I value living alone a lot more because I grew up with parents that thought screaming at each other every other night was the best way to work out their conflicts. Silence in my house is absolutely golden.


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Total control over heat/air conditioning. Highly underrated. You can have control over your costs and/or your comfort.


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Dieting is like 400x easier. I know it's a bad excuse, but hear me out. When I'm dieting I won't buy a single junk food item, and I won't eat it since I won't have it. Live with someone who buys tons of junk, especially someone who buys food and doesn't expect you to not eat it, like your parents, and it makes it a lot harder.

Yeah I know it's a bad excuse for breaking diet but it's super easy for me to just never buy junk food and never have it around but it's hard for me to avoid it when I'm living with it.


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Every single item in your house is exactly where you left it the last time you used it.


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Everything is your own mess. I don't want to clean up after someone, and I don't want to nag someone to clean. Those are all my dishes in the sink to do, or to let sit there for a week. Feels good.

Also, ripping a fart you feel super proud of with no shame or holding back.


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You can buy whatever groceries/food you want without someone bitching or throwing in their own junk. Much easier to diet or eat as crappy as you like.


If I want to eat blueberry Eggos for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, no one judges.


I survived on fried egg sandwiches for SO long!



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