People Share The Signs That It’s Time To Leave A Party
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You've been having a great night.

The drinks have been poured, the music has been just right, and all the night's conversations have ended with you thinking, "I would genuinely enjoy talking to that person once again."

All in all, a good party.

Then, IT happens. You know what it is as soon as it occurs.

You grab your phone, you grab your bag, you grab your friend and you vamoose, because this night just ended.

Reddit user, mharris1405, wanted to know when is it time to bug out when they asked:

"What are some signs you need to leave the party?"

Right off the bat, see any of these lurking around a friendly gathering, time to consider calling that Uber several hours earlier than you intended.

"What'd You Say, Bro?!" - someone, in about 5 minutes

"When a group of 5-10 unknown men arrives, which weren't invited"


"thats alwaaaaays the one."

"you are moments away from a nasty fight"


Correct. If you get a bad vibe, just leave. You won't want to be around for whatever's next.

"If a group of guys come in and don't greet anybody, they just stand around looking around, someone is about to be jumped or shot. Leave."


Yes, leave!! We can't stress this enough.

When Even Your Distraction Needs A Distraction

"You’re starting to be on your phone WAY too much"


"I've had times where I check my phone, then look at it again a few times only to realize even that is getting boring and I def need to leave"


Yeah, if you're spending more time on your phone or standing in a corner somewhere, it's probably better that you go.

At The Sign At The First Chair Breaking

"When people start getting obnoxious. If you see drunk or high people breaking sh-t, or screaming, interrupting others' conversation, that's when you can see that the party is going to get worse."


Yeah, no person with common sense wants to be anywhere near that!

It doesn't take much to take a party to the next level.

Sometimes it's the right music, or the right combination of fun-loving people, or one memorable moment by the pool, to make a party legendary.

And then there's moments like these, which have the opposite effect.

Oh, It's THAT Kind Of Party

"everyone is doing crack except you."


"I remember being stood at a table at a party searching for cigarettes to steal when the girl next to me just took a baggie out and started keying coke. In that moment I felt:"

"(a) Really cool for being invited to a party where people just casually did hard drugs (it was a post-gig party with a small band I liked)"


"(b) Really uncool because my response was to be Spongebob "right, imma head out""


American Parties Say, "What's Up!"

"The Halloween party where the guy dressed as a cop starts showing off his real, loaded gun."


"I once walked into a party and saw a bunch of guns just laying around and I grandpa Simpson’d myself right back out the door"



"I have a rule. No matter how good a time I am having, even if I have done nothing wrong, when cops show up, I leave then."


"Wait are there people that stay at a party once the cops show up???"


"My friends and I used to try to hide in the backyard at parties while the cops looked for people. It's kind of like high stakes adult hide in seek."


"When you get asked questions that require any of the following answers:"

"yes/no officer"

"that's not mine officer"

"maybe icing sugar officer?"


You'll feel it in your gut, that pulling sensation that says you should no longer be here because bad things are about to happen.

It's not hard.

What you're fighting against is the notion that you want to leave the party at all, because you want to stay and have fun.

Trust that first feeling.


Step Into My Web Of Chaos

"When the host is the cause of any form of drama."


"Michael and Jan seem to be playing their own separate game, and it's called "let's see how uncomfortable we can make our guests" and, they're both winning, so I am going to make a run for it."


"This is the realest answer."

"There are tons of bad joke responses."

"I would add: when people start advocating for changing a party's location, if that wasn't already the plan."

"So many times I've been at a party, it's getting late, things are winding down, and someone tries to inject life back into it with "Let's go do shots at the bar!" Nope. I'm going home."

"Someone's partner is going to be annoyed. Someone is going to try to drive drunk. Someone is going to get refused service and kicked out. Someone will be sick."


You'll Start To See The Circles Forming

"There usually comes a point in the night, usually around 2-3am, where everyone’s drunkenness wanes from energised to a bit sloppy. A lot of people start sitting down in increasingly insular circles, and drinks just stop going down so well."

"A lot of people will just hang around because it was fun earlier and they don’t want the night to end, but you start to really compromise on tomorrow’s happiness by drawing out the night."


Yeah, Creaking House Joints Is The Best Sign To leave

"I went to a rager once where the county bought the house to tear it down to expand a road. So the teens threw this goodbye party and we were wrecking the place. Annihilating walls, breaking cabinets, the works."

"Well, the building suddenly shifts kind of aggressively and everyone stops. Someone was going to town on the foundation and made some steady progress. We left right then and there."

"Drive by the next day and it was leaning considerably to one side. Lucky nobody was hurt or killed."


No one here is saying don't party.

Party all you want.

Maybe leave all the guns, cocaine, bad decisions, and property destruction at home.

Sound good?

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