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Sheryl Crow Was Having An Issue With Her Tesla Screen, And Elon Musk Himself Stepped In To Help Out


Singer Sheryl Crow did what many people do when they have a problem with something: She went to Twitter for advice.

The Twitter community is enormous and someone's bound to have the answer you need, right?

What if your question relates to your Tesla and the person who responds to you is none other than Tesla CEO Elon Musk?

That's exactly what happened after Crow said her Tesla's screen was misbehaving.

It turns out Crow's problem was easy to solve, especially once Musk was on the case. The remedy? Turning up the brightness.

The company's working on a number of fixes, he added.

It certainly made for a cute interaction.

Crow later tweeted her thanks, though it's unclear who actually ended up solving the problem.

Oh, and she also had a message for Tesla "haters":

Musk even thanked her!

You tell 'em, Sheryl.

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