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"If you have nothing nice to say, come sit next to me." That is a classic line from the movie and play "Steel Magnolias." It is spoken by the brilliant Olympia Dukakis.

Everyone thinks they're a genius with advice. And everybody would be wrong. I believe at least 7.5 times out of 10, most people throw out ideas about other's lives without thinking first. And we all need to be stronger in not listening.

Redditor u/sofsbear wanted to share all the times we really should've told people to shut up and stopped listening, by asking:

What was the worst advice you have ever received?

I try to only give advice when asked. Sometimes it is difficult, but I do my best. And I think I give great advice. But I'm not always right. I wish others would follow my lead.

80's Illogic

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"Don't study computer programming. The market is probably going to be saturated by the time you graduate. From a computer science professor in the mid-80s."

- BrobdingnagLilliput


"My husband needed a medical card after his heart failure from viral cardiomyopathy. The social worker told me I should get pregnant so we would qualify for help with his medical costs. I was 24 and lived in Ohio. I was horrified. She listed all the "help" we could get if I could get pregnant. He was in an ICU ward recovering from heart surgery. I walked out of there just disgusted."

- shmoopiefunk

At 24...

"At 24, while making $12 an hour and renting an apartment my parents convinced me to buy a brand new Honda Accord. They assured me it was the ONLY WAY to get a new car and that used ones broke down immediately. The payments were one entire paycheck of the two I got every month."

- Worlds_Best_Coffee

the book of...

"Me: I'm depressed and struggling with low sex drive

Therapist: Haha I have the opposite problem! But have you tried watching a romcom? They always gets me in the mood."

"This is a direct quote."

"Edit: thank for for all the replies, haha I am much better now and I found a different therapist! Turns out being bisexual and growing up Mormon made me really repressed sexually--the therapist was Mormon so that didn't help. She was licensed and told me she had special training specifically in sex therapy. I've found an ex-Mormon therapist who thankfully undid the damage!"

- murdie_t


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"In my early 20s, my stepdad encouraged us (us = Me, Sister and Brother) to max out our credit cards. Then file bankruptcy. My sister did it. My brother did it. I didn't. He insulted me for years, for being stupid."

- oh_jaimito

See there, people need to keep their ideas to themselves. Even if you're a genius, you aren't perfect. Speak from truth not from ego.

bye bye bar...

its always sunny in philadelphia bar GIF Giphy

"Invest in brother-in-law's bar. Thanks Dad. Bye bye 30k and bye bye bar. Did not know I'd be working along side an illiterate buffoon."

- Alphacrap

Stick with CDs...

"Invest in DVDs because you can pawn them for cash when you need money."

- jittery_raccoon

"I worked with a guy from Zimbabwe, in the mid-2000s, who told me that people there would get their paycheque and spend it straight away on electronics and kitchen appliances and stuff like that. Then, if you wanted to buy something, you'd sell something and use the money straight away, or barter if possible."

- BadgerSituation


"Everyone I know who's been married more than 10 years has moments when you can't stand your spouse. Especially if you have kids. Because let's face it, it's hard to live with other people for a long period of time. And kids will raise the stakes on everything and drag out every bit of how you were raised that you spouse wasn't. But you're in it for all times when it's NOT like that. Which should be most of the time."

- jseego

The Burn

"Was told by a sailor of 5 decades that the best way to get rid of a sunburn is to take the hottest shower possible. Not only did that cause immeasurable pain, but didn't help in the slightest."

- BurlHopsBridge

"There is a rare condition some people have where they get something called Hell's itch while recovering from sunburn. Incredibly intense painful itching sensation wherever the sunburn is. One of the only found "cures" for it is a really hot shower to I guess reset the nerves or something."

- Archsafe

Not there for you...

Season 9 Lol GIF by Friends Giphy

"Family over friends, because friends won't always be there for you, family will."

"Fat load of crap that was."

- TaborlinTheGreater

Words matter. Advice matters. You can't just throw them about without knowledge or forethought. In the end, most advice is bad advice. Lesson to be learned? Follow your instincts.

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