I love an all-purpose product.

If humans have to multi-task so should our everyday things.

For instance, my wine key...

Gives me wine and I can take an attacker's eye out.


What else?

What products can serve a multi-purpose?

The more useful the better.

Redditor secondhandsisters wanted to make a list of the things we may have or need that covers dual purposes.

They asked:

"What are some lesser-known secondary uses for an everyday product?"

Vodka. Did you know it also disinfects?

God's gift.

Down the Drain....

cockroach GIFGiphy

"Bleach to keep away cockroaches. I used to get big a** cockroaches in the summer that came up my drain. My exterminator told me to pour 1 cup of bleach down my drain each week. You have to pour it down the drain in the room you see them. I started 18 months ago and haven't seen a cockroach since."


Pour it In...

"Use salt as an abrasive and absorber when cleaning. I spray my stove top with a general household cleaner then sprinkle salt liberally over the top. It gets grease out easily."

"For liquid stains like wine, I pour salt over the stain to soak up excess liquid then come through with hydrogen peroxide. Finally I get absorbent towels and dab clean it."


Down Below

"Scuba diver here. Instead of using those expensive defogger gels and sprays on your mask, smear a bunch of dish soap in it, rinse once or twice, and your mask will never fog during the dive."

"You can also use this method to keep your windshield from fogging. Smear a bunch of dish soap on a towel, then rub it all over the inside of your windshield. Take another damp towel and rub the soap off until your wind shield is clear. I did this 3 weeks ago and have not had to defog a single time since."


The Mist

"Shaving foam reduces\stops misting on bathroom mirrors and car windows."


"You can also use it to write creepy text like 'I died here' or 'I'm watching you' on mirrors of other people's bathrooms. When done right it will be pretty much invisible normally but the text will show up when someone is taking a bath/shower and the mirror fogs up."



friends GIF by Stan.Giphy

"Toilet seat covers are the same as blotting paper for oily skin."


Oil is really quite amazing. It covers a lot.

I hate Redisue

Whats Up Nod GIF by WWEGiphy

"Any cooking oil is a great way to remove the residue from stickers. I don't know if this is recommended but if you get scratches on wood furniture I've always taken a matching washable marker, colored over the scratch, and then wiped it with a damp cloth (to effectively stain the wood back to match)."



"Rub a walnut nut on wood scratches."

"Also just go buy a small bottle of goo-gone. It is that oil, but smells great and does a better job than cooking oil. It's like a buck for a couple ounces, and that bottle has lasted me years."

"Edit: used 'Walnut nut' To differentiate it from using a whole walnut... So someone isn't rubbing a dry walnut shell on their wood. ;)"


"I have a set of 4 furniture wood pens. The trick to make it look natural is to wipe it after. I wondered for weeks why they weren’t doing the trick until someone told me that."



Vaseline Hml407 GIF by truTV’s Hack My LifeGiphy

"Vagisil for chafing. It's antibacterial, lubricating, and an anesthetic. I learned that in the army."


Stop the Bleed

"Corn starch is a good blood coagulant if you need to stop bleeding."


"I saved my pet Tarantula with corn starch like this before. Her abdomen split after falling on tile, and the cornstarch stopped her from bleeding out. Several months later and she's doing great after that almost fatal fall."


Grind and Press

"If you have a French press for coffee, you can also froth milk in it after. Pour in hot milk and raise and lower the plunger until the volume of the milk has about doubled."

"Not my channel, but plugging for James Hoffman. If you like coffee, and want to explore the utter depths of the world of coffee, coffee gear, coffee science in a super chill and informative way, check him out!"



chihuahua petting GIF by YasislasGiphy

"Clean mascara wands are used in animal shelters to soothe the animals by brushing, and to remove fly eggs and larva from fur."


I have been under using everything I own. I swear.

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