The Most Scandalous Reasons Teachers Have Ever Gotten Fired

When I started high school, I was a naive teenager who thought all teachers knew they were supposed to be kind and encouraging to students.

Yes, I had teachers that couldn’t teach. Yes, I had teachers in middle school who got fired for being creeps. However, none of them could be accused of being cruel.

Then I attended my first high school art class, and my entire worldview shattered. The teacher would make fun of students who made a mistake in their sketches, tell students they couldn’t draw, and destroy paintings she didn’t like by drawing a big ‘X’ over them.

She told all students that they would never be artists because she couldn’t make it as an artist herself, even though she was more talented than any student she ever taught.

Needless to say, it didn’t take long for students to complain to the principal. When he realized all the students were complaining about the same teacher and were making the same complaints, he fired her.

Teachers get fired for all sorts of reasons, and some of them are really crazy.

Redditors agree with that statement and stepped up to explain the most scandalous reasons their teachers were fired.

It all started when Redditor Surtion asked:

“How did “that teacher” get fired for at your school?”

Prank Gone Wrong

"An hour before the State championship football game the head football coach/PE teacher got a student who wasn't on the team to come up to him and pretend to shoot him. He used fake blood and everything. No one knew it was going to happen and his own son was on the team."

"We lost the game too."

– hanginonwith2fingers

Completely Ick

"Male substitute teacher that taught regularly at my Catholic high school who wasn't fired, but banned from teaching in our female P.E. class after we reported him for repeatedly instructing us to "stretch" in positions that were sexual/inappropriate. For example, he asked us to bend over with both hands against the wall and "shake our hips back and forth.""

"Bonus: he subbed for my geography class the following year and during one of his classes I asked to go to the bathroom to "take care of [my] feminine issue". He asked me "what kind of feminine issue specifically?". I was too embarrassed to say it was my period so I said "well, you know..." to which he replied, "yes, but I want to hear you say it out loud." Creepy."

– wheremydisstrackat

The Food And The Bling

"She wanted the kids to cheat on the reading test so she can win a pizza party and a trophy"

– Constant-Tiger-1748

"Dude, if she was secretive enough and made sure the scores weren't too high she could have easily pulled off, and honestly if it was me I would bat a frickin' eyelash about it"

– Ok-Garlic4162

From Their Hands To My Pockets

"Had a teacher charging parents extra money for a field trip. Was pocketing the extra money."

– oreoballer187

"My high school swim coach got caught pocketing the meal money after me and a couple others missed the post-state championship team dinner to go home early to beat a blizzard. I think she was told to either step down and return the money or face charges."

– SporkFanClub

Tales Of The School Bus

"(Not a teacher, but...) My (middle school / high school) bus driver was fired for driving drunk."

"Driving the bus drunk."


– draggar

"My middle school bus driver ran into a house while driving us and stayed employed at least until I was in college. She also raced a train and hit curbs often"

– Rob1Inch

"The bus driver I had in fifth grade was a total nightmare. He'd get us to school on time, but we'd often get home very late because he'd stop the bus to have screaming meltdowns. This was a bus of K-5 kids, and while sometimes we could get chatty or rambunctious, no one was doing dangerous or delinquent stuff. Most days, we'd just get on the bus, sit down and chat with friends, and wait to be dropped off. But that was too much for this lunatic, and if he felt that kids were talking too much, or somehow "being disrespectful," he'd pull the bus over and scream at us. At length. He'd scare the really little kids, and if you tried to apologize or to stand up to him, he's just get louder and angrier."

"He never touched any of us, but he'd get so mad, we'd worry he was going to shake or spank us. He'd insist that everyone be perfectly still and silent- real easy for a terrified kindergarten kid, right?- and every little thing he perceived as going against that order would start the screaming again, and restart the clock on the wait for him to start driving again. We got home late often; a few times I remember getting home around the same time as my dad, who had a pretty long commute to and from his 9-5 job."

"I have no earthly idea why none of the parents ever said anything about this, but us kids were too terrified to tell on him. Toward the end of the year, I think a few of us did (I turned him in to save my own hide; my mom started yelling at me for getting home late like I had any autonomy as a 12 year-old who rode the damn bus home from the next town over, and I just told her he liked to stop and scream at us) and he wasn't brought back the following year. As an adult, I have a lot of questions for the adults in this situation, and I sincerely doubt that any of their answers will impress me. The dude clearly hated his life, but that's no excuse to take it out on a bunch of helpless, trapped kids."

– unsaferaisin

It Made Class More Fun

"It was well-known that Mr Geometry teacher had Vodka in his Mountain Dew cans. It was just like... openly discussed. Everybody knew."

"Math class 6th period of the day was interesting"

– LoveDietCokeMore


"She used to come to school drunk and try to get us to convert to Scientology. I still don’t know a single thing about Scientology because no one could comprehend wtf she was talking about"

– BioluminescentNewt

This Seems More Like The Student's Fault...

"Super cool guy. Vietnam vet. Some idiot pretended to throw a “grenade” and the teacher hit the floor. Then apparently punched the kid in the face. Fired. Had a sub the rest of the year who kept bragging about how many planes he has and how he’s just counting the time to go flying. But won’t take any of us with."

– FatboyChuggins

"That's f*cking horrible, that kid should've gotten expelled, PTSD is no f*ckin' joke"

– Ok-Garlic4162

Hail Mary

"Not just that teacher, but the principal. He'd gotten wind that he might be fired because of less than ideal job performance, so he decided to drum up sympathy by belly stabbing himself in the men's room and blaming a student. Said student was arrested but the police were immediately suspicious of his story when they noticed his shirt was unharmed. In other words, whoever stabbed him courteously lifted up his shirt beforehand so as not to tear a hole in it. He wound up being forced to resign, in addition to getting probation and a heavy fine."

– 2ndOfficerCHL

“That man shouldn’t be an educator” doesn’t even begin to describe that last one!

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