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When I started high school, I was a naive teenager who thought all teachers knew they were supposed to be kind and encouraging to students.

Yes, I had teachers that couldn’t teach. Yes, I had teachers in middle school who got fired for being creeps. However, none of them could be accused of being cruel.

Then I attended my first high school art class, and my entire worldview shattered. The teacher would make fun of students who made a mistake in their sketches, tell students they couldn’t draw, and destroy paintings she didn’t like by drawing a big ‘X’ over them.

She told all students that they would never be artists because she couldn’t make it as an artist herself, even though she was more talented than any student she ever taught.

Needless to say, it didn’t take long for students to complain to the principal. When he realized all the students were complaining about the same teacher and were making the same complaints, he fired her.

Teachers get fired for all sorts of reasons, and some of them are really crazy.

Redditors agree with that statement and stepped up to explain the most scandalous reasons their teachers were fired.

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