People Share The Best Ways To Say 'I Love You' Without Actually Saying It

When it comes to expressing love, there is a multitude of ways to go about it. Most people stick to the classic: using the words "I love you."

But that's not the only way.

Using thoughtful gestures, love languages, special messages, or even just remembering little details about another person are all great ways to express love.

Curious about all the different ways of expressing love, Redditor sadesspresso asked:

"What is the best way to say “I love you” without actually saying “I love you”?"

Different Languages

"The moon is beautiful...."

"Some old japanese man told me some story and 'the moon is beautiful ' is supposed to mean I love you...."

– yankiigurl

"Minä rakastan sinua"

– boulomai_mathein

"Just say it in another language, and keep learning new languages."

– oniwolf382

Through Their Stomach

"I made your favourite food"

– HellaBlazeIt420

"This is the way. I bake my husband his favourite treats even though he’s the only one who likes them. That way if he’s having a blah day at work he opens his lunch and feels love"

– awkwardlyherdingcats

"Definitely the way! I would love to just receive some homecooked food without having to ask first!"

– silkinator3000

Pride And Pride

"I’m proud of you"

– Alpha099


"My wife pulled me aside after an especially brutal day at work and hugged me and whispered this in my ear. This was two weeks ago. I'm still floating."

– gibletgun

Appreciating The Superstitions

"Kissing my husband goodbye before he goes to work."

"I read somewhere that men who kiss their wives before leaving for work live five years longer than those who don't. So even if I'm not a morning person, I drag myself out of the bed to make sure that I give him a kiss before he leaves for work. It might or might not be true, but I wish to do everything I can so he could live longer because I kinda like him."

– MinutesTaker

"I kiss him when he arrives at work. He will live long."

– Rayzor_debiker

Using Their Love Language

"There are different kinds of love languages aside from saying I love you. Giving gifts, physical touch, doing acts of service or nice things for them, and spending quality time. I think for me, time is such a selfless love language, because you’re showing that person that they are actually worth your time. And it doesn’t have to spent doing anything extravagant."

– jns042

"Figuring out their love language and doing something that speaks to them most."

– Nizzan370z

"Depends on what their love languages are. That shi* works."

– jamie831416

Little Things

"Remembering the small details."

– justgonnaknowaway

"Remembering their likes and dislikes, favorite color, personal style, etc. Using the knowledge to please them often."

– Bebe_Bleau

Small Things

"The best way is to show how you care."

"Eg, you're making a coffee or cup of tea and you make one for them without asking, because you already know they'll say yes if you ask."

"Or they're working outside in the sun and you come out with a cold drink for them."

"Small things that show you're thinking about them."

– d38

"Surprise them with their favorite food or snacks/dessert. Ask them how their day is. Do their chores before they notice."

– rhaizee

"Making sure their phone is fully charged for them before they leave the house."

– GalileoFigaro1

Getting Home Safe

"Text me when you get home"

– suzy7517

"This. My BF and I say this every time and do text each other when we do get home."

– biggmamakass02

I Choose You

"If I had to choose between rescuing you or my PC from a fire, it'd only take me 10 seconds to choose you."

– DanaRicef


"I cleaned out the cat’s litter box so you don’t have to."

– DrFridayTK

"According to my wife... Doing the dishes."

– Doright36

"Came home from work yesterday knowing I had to do laundry."

"In my apartment complex that just means walking up a flight of steps, walking down an outdoor hallway, and unlocking a door to the laundry room. But it's such a pain in because you have to set alarms for yourself and come back out to move the clothes to the dryer and collect them before you even get to worry about folding them."

"So yesterday I came home from work and my bf had done my laundry for me. He didn't fold it, but it was sitting, clean and done, by our bed ready to be folded and put away. No alarms, no trips, just a quick little in-place chore and it was over."

"That to me is love."

– wscuraiii

Well, after all, actions speak louder than words.

It doesn't have to be all about action, however. Just finding a new way to say, "I love you" can do wonders for you and the people you love.

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