We are closing in on the end of the season and time is running out to buy your loved ones the perfect gifts. It takes a lot to plan and buy a good gift. And now you've basically run out of time for that...so what will you do now?

u/johnsanny asked:

It's 48 Hours Before Christmas and You Realize You Haven't Bought Anyone Anything. What is Your Go-To Last Minute Gift?

Here were some ideas.

Sensible Chocolate


Run to the grocery store, pick up chocolate morsels, butter, and cream.

Takes about five hours to make 200 chocolate truffles. Easy to make them different flavors as well. (Orange, Bailey's Irish Cream, and Cinnamon Honey are the good with milk chocolate. Peppermint, Khalua, and Matcha are good with dark chocolate. Peppermint and matcha are fantastic with white chocolate.)


-Clank Clank Clank-

I knit. All year long I knit things with nobody in mind, and stash it away in a Rubbermaid tote in my closet. When I need something for a birthday, baby shower etc., I consult the bin.

So I would look there first. If that doesn't give me something good for this person, I would whip up a hat.

I live in Canada. Can't go wrong.


Blanket Buys

Here is what I do every year.

I go buy gift certificates for my favorite restaurants, and gift cards from Best Buy. I then put them in Christmas cards with no name on them.

I keep some in the house and some in my car.

If someone gives me a gift, I say "Wait a minute, I have something for you too" and go get the card. I quickly write their name on it and hand it to them.

Its worked out perfectly for me for years. I give everyone that gives me something, and if I end up with extra gift certificates or gift cards, I just use them on myself.


The Experience

Buy tickets online for a upcoming play, dinner & show, concert, game, etc. Print out page of ticket confirmation and put it in a nice Christmas card envelope. It's an awesome gift because people tend to love it more than clothing or other junk you usually give. And if you're parents are like mine, they barely take the initiative to go to these type of events themselves or don't even know about them. Experience>material goods.


The Best Part Of Waking Up


Things that are consumable... everyone has way too many junk trinkets just because someone felt they had to buy something.

-Ground coffee from a local coffee shop (if you know the person has a grinder, get whole bean, but not everyone does). They usually have fun Christmas flavors this time of year.

-A bottle of dry wine or champagne

-Nice candles (go for ones that are soy based and have lids) or liquid hand soap

- TJ Maxx and Marshall's are great for this.


A Commission

Last year I had my Dad drawn as a simpsons character and then had that put on a mug. Dad posing with his simpsons mug.

This year I got him a new mug with a picture of his dachshund Yoshi.. My dad brings em to work and has his mugs lined up on the edge of his table. He loves coffee almost as he loves Yoshi.

I think mugs make a good last minute gift because they're available at most stores, pretty cheap for a gift, and will actually be used by the recipient.


Gift Basket

I make really nice sugar scrubs. Ladies love them.

Booze. Or a Champagne Bong.

Baked goods.

Package all 3 and it's a great gift.


It's Like Wisconsin In Here

Been struggling to find something for my sister and her husband this year. They were the last ones on the list. Then my fiancé came up with a genius idea. Why not cheese? They live in a big city with a local shop that stocks high quality family made cheeses (they stock a lot of the fancy restaurants in their city too). They also offer gift cards and gift baskets. We went in on. $100 gift card for them to use and choose which cheeses they want. It is the kind of gift that will always go over well in my family.

Or get a basket delivered right to your house via Amazon.


Turns Into A Nice Story

A few years ago, my husband and sister realised I don't have a Christmas gift at Christmas morning, when everyone was unpacking theirs. We celebrate Christmas after New Year, and got most gifts on New Year, and some smaller ones are normally left for Christmas. So hubby thought my sister has something left, and she thought he has, and really there was nothing. I was totally ok with that as it was absolutely hilarious to see that look at their faces, but my kid started asking if I was naughty this year so Santa left me with no gift, so those two just quietly backed, 'remembered' they totally need to go check something outside, and went back about three hours later telling our kid that they've met Santa's reindeers, and those have given them one gift Santa accidentally dropped and almost lost.

Well, they brought me a microscope! Nerdy me was dreaming about having one since childhood! And that was Christmas morning! To this day, I have no idea what they went for to get that thing so quickly, but that was the most memorable gift I ever had!

So what I want to say, you may buy almost anything if you are dedicated enough. If the people you're gifting to actually mean a lot for you, don't resort for universal 'last-minute gifts', think of what they love.


We're Having Beefaroni


Fancy pasta, fancy jarred sauce, nice block of parm cheese, in a serving bowl with a kitchen towel. You can do this as expensively or as cheaply as you want.

I also loved a book called The Fortune Cookie Chronicles by Jennifer 8 Lee (basically, a woman exploring Chinese food in the USA as well as her own Chinese roots, and the history of fortune cookies...really facinating). She talks a lot about soy sauce in that book, so I've given that book with a bottle of "real" soy sauce many times. I love sharing things I love with other people, so that's a gift I love to give.


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