Sometimes, the Internet can help you assemble your life back together when your world has crumbled to pieces.

That's what happened to YouTuber republicattak, a passionate Lego collector.

Some jerks recently ransacked his home, destroyed some model sets, and robbed him of his precious collection estimated at $18,000.

On Friday, he posted a heartbreaking video that saddened his 12,000 followers simply titled: "Bye."

Holding back tears, he explained he came home to discover his property in shambles.

In the driveway, his car window was smashed and Lego pieces were scattered all over his garden.

More damage was discovered inside the house, with shattered window glass and more Lego pieces strewn across the floors.

In addition to damages around the house, some of his prized collections, including a new Millennium Falcon set he didn't get a chance to build yet, were stolen.

"I don't know what I'm going to do. It really was my passion... that's the end of this channel."

"I'm just stopping Legos. It's been quite an adventure. … But now without lots of money, I can't rebuild that. The bricks are gone. … I'm just stopping. I don't know what I'm going to do … That's it. It was an honor. Goodbye."

His video quickly went viral and racked up more than 700,000 page views as of this writing and his subscription tally rose to 20,000.

The devastating news caught the attention of Reddit users, who rallied together to offer help by donating their own Lego sets to help him rebuild his collection.

"I really hope they find the people that did this, what an awful video. Seems like a really nice guy :/" - AllWoWNoSham

"I can't even imagine what he's going through. I wouldn't wish this on anyone." - wompemwompem

Wacdolans mentioned that the YouTuber had been collecting Legos for 14 years, and ran his YouTube channel for 8 years.

Feeling dejected, he posted a tweet as a way to deal with despair.

"I really felt alone when I discovered the robbery, and decided to make a video to express and "release" myself to a handful of people knowing what it means."

In the process, he was overwhelmed with the amount of compassion he received in response.

People were angry at the thought of anyone who would violate a person in this way.

Some contacted Lego on his behalf to see if the company would offer any help.

Someone suggested setting up a GoFundMe campaign for him.

Humanity was restored when fellow YouTuber Ryan McCullough set up a GoFundMe page for Republicattak, according to Mashable.

On the "Republicattak's LEGO was stolen" campaign page, Republiattak is described as a collector who's been "collecting LEGO Star Wars sets since 2004," and how his YouTube channel was created to share his custom builds with other enthusiasts.

"He had aspirations of becoming an AFOL and one day having his own LEGO room."
"On October 5th, 2018 that was taken away from him when his room was ransacked and almost all of his LEGO was stolen. It would be incredible to help him rebuild his collection."

Mashable quoted a fan named Sean Treanor, who suggested why Republicattak became a victim.

"As far as I can tell the only purpose of this crime was to punish Republicattak for having something special about him that was gentle, and creative, and unguarded."

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