People Divulge Their Most 'Elitist' Viewpoints
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Being high and mighty is not a particularly attractive quality on anyone.

But every now and then, it's hard not to find ourselves looking down, or raising our eyebrows at something, or even someone.

Be it the way your food is prepared, or having to stay in a hotel which is definitely not five stars, it's hard not to fall upon something which doesn't meet our standards every once in a while.

Redditor mandela_effect_12 was curious as to what the Reddit community looked down upon, or what they thought wasn't good enough for them, leading them to ask:

"What is your most 'elitist' viewpoint?"

They'll get my vote

"Candidates for President should be required to take the Civil and Foreign Service exams, and publish their scores."

I'm not looking for a passing grade, just an objective measure of competence."- cryptoengineer.

I think you meant "you're", not "your"...

"Even if it is just fan fiction, put effort into the grammar."- ImaGamerNoob.

"Spelling, grammar, and punctuation exist to make writing comprehensible."

"F*cking use them."

"It’s not that hard."- ActuallyCausal.


When you get to be a certain age.

"Senior citizens should absolutely have to retake their drivers exam every couple years as they get older."- mox44ah.

Up in the air.

"I hate flying budget airlines because the majority of my fellow passengers are so uncouth and don't possess common flying etiquette."- BudovicLagman.

"There should be a separate security line at the airport for people who are flying for the first time or aren't familiar with the rules."- PhiloPhocion.

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And what makes you an expert?

"Expertise matters."

"People who have studied an issue all of their lives have better opinions on that issue that people who don't."

"Have individual experts been wrong in the past?"

"Can 'the wisdom of crowds' be surprisingly accurate?"


"'I know better because I know less', is a crock of sh*t.- copperdomebodhi.

That seems like an easy fix.

"As a professional tradesman, I can clearly see when a 'handyman' has been doing so-called upgrades."- skuterpikk.

I can't believe they let them in here!

"A lot of different places should have required etiquette courses before you can use/be a member."

"Some examples: public transportation, especially flights, gyms, concert venues, movie theaters." - Drunk_Lahey.

How dare you serve me something from a box!

"I'm pretty bougie about food."

"My in-laws invited us over for shrimp risotto one night and it was literally Uncle Ben's cheesy rice, those little canned shrimp, and thawed broccoli."

"Nothing inherently wrong with the dish but I was (silently) snobby about it being presented as 'shrimp risotto'."- loudlittle.

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Being a polyglot is so in right now

'To speak at least one or more foreign languages."- Exynika

"Everybody should be proficient in at least one other language than their native one."- Material_Ambition_95

You may call me "Doctor".

'People who have PhDs in non-stem subjects tend to have greater emotional intelligence."- aerosmithangel

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Writing is a God-given gift

"Not everyone can learn to be a good writer.'

"I very firmly believe, as with any talent, you can learn of course but only to a limit."

"And we all have limits."

'Just because you want to be a great writer doesn’t mean you’re capable of it."

"A lot more goes into it than merely having the talent."

"It’s like what they say about acting, prepare for rejection."

"Lots of it and don’t take any of it personally."

"And you are permitted one night with a bottle of wine reading the reviews - good, bad - to dwell and then you move the f*ck on."

"But yeah, I think great writers are born."

"Good writers are taught but only ever to a certain point."

"I would’ve loved to have been a singer but I can’t sing."

"I could learn control and technique but I do not have a musical ear and I will never, no matter how much I want it, actually attain a level of talent I do not actually possess."

"I might improve but I will never really succeed."- C*mInMeBro88

This is what a therapist is for.

"Istg, the level of insecurities I see on the internet these days is walking a fine line of narcissism."

"Like no one cares, we all have bodies, no one’s wrong in them, everyone needs to chill out and stop making their delusion everyone else’s problem."- soma_nova

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Expatriating? Then assimilate!

"If you're gonna live in a foreign country, even for a short while, you've gotta learn at least the basics of the language there."

"It's not only for your own benefits, it's a good way to show that you respect the culture and the country."

"It's true that almost everyone speaks English, but expecting native people to adapt to you instead of you adapting is just disrespectful."- mr_brown_rodent

Parenting should require a license

"People should have to attend childrearing classes with an exam and passing grade before having children."- thecrystalcrow

No matter how much you have... learn how to manage your money!

"My elitist opinion is, there is no other reason to be financially illiterate other than illiteracy."

"If you don’t understand how money works and/or how to budget, read a book about it."- crezyte


Express line for questionable habits!

"There should be a separate line at convenience stores for cigarettes and lottery tickets."- annh53182

Some might say having standards is an admirable quality.

Though it's probably wise to hide your disgust when your in-laws serve you cheez whiz and not your favorite camembert.

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