People Share The Real Reason Behind Why They Prefer Being Alone

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Eccentric people tend to give the impression they are always outgoing and don't have a problem being the center of attention.

But that's not always the case.

People have complex personalities that can't always be categorized strictly within either of the binary classifications of introvert or extrovert.

Sometimes, those who are perceived as eccentrics might actually prefer their solitude but adapt to varying social situations like myself–though my friends may never be cognizant of it.

Curious to hear from strangers online about this concept, Redditor PrimaryRun7955 asked:

"People who enjoy being alone, why?"

It's nothing personal.

Preferring Chill

"Honestly, I like peace and quiet. People talk too much."

– knighttimedragon

Introverts Rule

"Yep, most people are exhausting after a while. It's why my favourite people are all quiet introverts."

– hauteburrrito

Break From The Family

"I live in a family of 6. Any moment of being alone is the closest i can get to silence and peace. And chilling while watching a good series or reading my fav books."


Some people like the luxury of not having anyone around influencing them.

I'm In Control

"Because I'm in control and can do whatever I like without being dominated by the ringleader."

– SeladorSmith

Party Of One

"Same. One time I went to a convention alone and it was such a great experience. I got to enjoy the panels I wanted and come and go at my leisure, rest when I wanted. I went with a group in the past and have one friend who dominates and makes wherever they want to go the priority. When I finally did get to decide on a panel, they complained the whole time."

"Going to events alone is superior."

– SluffyBound490

No More Accommodating

"Haven’t seen this one mentioned yet: Not compromising. Might come off as a bit direct or selfish but balancing the social needs or expectations of others constantly can be exhausting."

– kraljaca

It's Habit-Forming

"Unaccountable autonomy is addictive. Solitude is a luxury if you get used to it."

– tickle_mittens

It's Not That Selfish

"I have my own interests and stuff I want to do. Being around other people means you have to deal with them and do stuff together instead of just doing what I really want."

– BigDumbGreenMong

It's about not no longer becoming exhausted.

Dropping The Act

"I get tired pretending I am paying attention when people talk."

– Otototototototoi


"Because I like myself."

– bread_makes_u_fatt

At the end of the day, I want to enjoy peace and quiet time and indulge in my own interests not shared by those closest to me.

I want to play my 80s music without being judged. I want to read without distractions. I want to watch my shows without running commentary.

But trust, I also have my itch for other human interaction to share laughs, ideas, and inspiration.

I'm not exclusively an introvert, nor an extrovert.

But I find that finding the right balance keeps me sane, and when I get asked if why I'm such a homebody sometimes, I tell them it's nothing personal.

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