People Share Their 'It's Only A Flesh Wound' Experiences

Sudden injuries have worse timing than dirty jokes during a funeral eulogy.

So when painful disaster strikes, people usually just keep on keepin' on until someone passes out, there's blood everywhere, or at least one person wakes up in a speeding ambulance.

Though in some cases the injured party stays lucid through the whole ordeal, despite complete stupidity and hubris.

Everyone around them is utterly horrified and grossed out by the wound in question, but at least they're not having their style cramped, eh?

Some Redditors are no strangers to the moment when a small setback becomes a medical nightmare.

u/DudeFromSaudi asked, "What was your "Tis but a scratch!" moment?"

NOT Tobasco

Crashed my motorcycle with my friends following me.

When we got to Denny's and I took off my jacket there was blood everywhere I had split my elbow open.



Wings Up, Kid

Cut my eye open when I was on vacation as a kid. It was an excruciating blunt force hit, but the cut was internal so you couldn't see it.

Mom insisted I go to the ER. Turns out my eye was filling up with blood internally and before long, they were debating whether to air lift me to a larger hospital.


Impressive Extension on that Diving Catch

Dislocated my shoulder playing football but said I could keep playing. I was wrong.



'Well that Escalated Quickly'

I thought I had a pulled muscle in my calf. It was a Deep Vein Thrombosis (pretty large blood clot) that cut loose and it ended up in a bi-lateral pulmonary embolism.


Eyes on the Prize

Someone threw a rock at my head which caused me to bleed all the way down to my chest before a major test in school and I just walked in and took the test gushing blood.


You Had Me at "Old Wooden"

I ripped open the webbing between my primary and middle fingers with a rusty screw while moving old wooden theatrical flats that had once been screwed together.

I called a friend to come help me wrap it up in gauze and she called the tech director in to call an ambulance. He nearly fainted; I got 11 stitches and a ten minute ambulance ride to the ER next door.



Surfers: Always the Craziest

Dislocated my knee surfing and walked across a crowded beach with the bottom half of my leg beneath my kneecap dangling like a twig in the wind.

Then I hopped across a main road before crawling to my car, then driving with one foot to the hospital.


"Not on the Eggs, Punk!"

Ripped 4 of 5 fingernails on one hand completely out of my fingers.

Bled so bad they sent me home from work, but only after like 30 minutes of continuing to bag peoples groceries with nitrile gloves filled with toilet paper on



"Sit Down, Have Some Sunflower Seeds. You Earned It."

Kid hit me in the head at full swing with an aluminum baseball bat at practice, knocked me straight on my butt.

Got up and jogged back to outer field to continue practice but after almost falling over like 3 times they took me out.


Listen to Women

Had a very small "cut" on my nose that never seemed to heal. Wife kept saying "you need to go to the dermatologist."

I had skin cancer in my nose, they had to actually cut open my nose to get it out.


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