People Break Down Which Romantic TV Moments Would Actually Be Traumatic In Real Life
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As much as we love tv and movie love, we have to admit, some stories are a but much when you break it down.

When we're in the moment with bated breath, we can't help but be mesmerized.

But are we considering logistics?

And safety?

Is this relationship more toxic than healthy?

RedditorSmeggfaffawanted to know:

"What situation is always made out to be really sexy or romantic on TV, but is actually horrible and traumatizing in real life?"

TV romance is the stuff of legend. Can we be wrong?

Let's Talk...

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"They always make awkward situations look like a good way to start a convo, but in reality it just makes you wanna die."


Knock Knock

"When the guy knocks on the girl’s bedroom window in the middle of the night."


"An ex did this to me after we had broken up (he cheated). I was going through a phase of blasting music in my headphones and staying up til like 5am, and for hours I kept hearing this lil knock now and again, until I was like okay wtf is that and turned off my music and realised it was pebbles being thrown at my window. My ex was there... throwing pebbles at my window... for several hours... it wasn't romantic."



"When you've broken up but then get back together. In movies it seems like fireworks fly, but in reality there are a lot of trust/commitment issues to work through."


"I met up with an ex years ago (about 3 years after we'd broken up) and within 2 hours their voice was like nails on a blackboard and I thought 'now I remember!'"


Speak Now

"Stopping a wedding to profess how they love/never stopped loving him or her. Then they both run off together."


"I absolutely agree except for in one case... The Graduate. That shot of them on the bus where reality of their actions sink in is brilliant. Their laughter going to smiles and then the smiles fading as they stare straight ahead and don’t face one another."


"I quite like how they handled this on Frasier. Daphne and Niles finally confess their feelings for each other right when she's about to marry someone else, decide to run off together, get into a car, and that's how the season ends. But in the first episode of the next season they're shown to only have made it to the end of the driveway where they decide to turn around and go deal with the situation like adults. Which of course doesn't do much to soften the fallout - Daphne's fiancé even sues her for emotional damages."


Following You

wo glenn close GIFGiphy

"-Stalking a person until they agree to go on a date with you."

"-Lock two people in a room to confess their feelings, (they did it to me, I ended up escaping through a window)."


Stalking can be sexy. Right?



"Beach sex is just not good."



"Being forcibly kissed to make you shut up."


"I went to a party with a male friend who I knew liked me. I always made it clear I didn't feel the same about him. Before the party he told me that he thought I would like one of his friends that was going to be there and he was right."

"The friend and I hit it off and I ended up staying the night with him (he lived there). In the morning, the guy went outside, I was standing in a doorway, and my friend was across the room. He walked over to me, grabbed my face and kissed me before I knew what was happening. He asked me if I felt anything and I said no. I was shocked, like dude I just hooked up with your friend, you can't kiss me like we're in a movie or some crap.


“run away”

"A person dropping their entire life to 'run away' with someone they just met. My sister literally just did this. Took off on a boat for 2 weeks with a man she met 3 weeks before. They found out they are NOTHING alike and it was all just lust not love. Too late now they are stuck together on boat. They quickly realized they CANNOT handle living together and were miserable. It’s not all just roses and rainbows when you run off with 'the love of your life.'"



"When a guy shows way too much interest in you after you've made it crystal clear you are not interested."


"The only time I found it flattering when a guy kept asking me was in high school. I only turned him down because his parents were the owners of the grocery store I worked at and I thought it’d be awkward if it ended badly. And I did like him, he was a great guy, but I always said no. When I quit, I finally agreed to go out with him."


Bad Idea

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"Sex in the shower. The amount of times I’ve had patients come into the ER after slipping and falling after having shower sex? Numerous."


In Red

"My mind automatically goes to kissing while covered in other peoples blood."


"28 Days Later comes to mind. Dude just killed a man with his bare hands after saving his woman from assault, and they passionately kiss with another man's blood all over them."



"Most romantic storylines. High drama romances are usually terrible to live through. Imagine being will-they-won't-they for several months or years in real life? Yikes."

"Storytelling, especially in written media, is a great place to experiment with dubious consent. It's interesting, dramatic, plays into some classic tropes. Real life... ehhhh not so great, unless you've got your safety words and are actually consenting."


Too Freaky...

"I see this happen in a lot of shows and movies, but I'm currently watching Outlander. No matter what happens, these people are freaking. Just been in battle? Let's get freaky. Oops, I had to kill my favorite uncle and I'm devastated. Wanna f**k? We just time traveled to a place and time we know nothing about... let's get naked in someone's shed and do the 17th century no-pantaloom shuffle! People f**king through trauma and imminent danger is not a thing."



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"Making stalking romantic, I'm a man and it feels weird and wrong pursuing a girl after she makes it clear she wants nothing to do with the guy."



"Sex scenes where they kiss for like 5 seconds and then the man suddenly shoves his dick inside without any foreplay and they start f**king. That does NOT feel good at all in reality, but in movies the woman is always so into it. Yeah… just… no."



"Bit of an aside, but at least one of the movie couple always has a photo on their work desk of them and their partner doing things like pushing one another on a tire swing, but the angle of the shot is as if the photographer was in the bushes spying. Who is taking all these pictures?? This ended up having nothing to do with OP’s question and will probably get deleted."



"Shower sex is just annoying. Water only his one of you so the other gets really cold. There isn't really enough room unless you have a big a** shower. Just overall a bad time."


"Get the detachable shower heads (the kind with 2 heads) then you can easily position it so everyone is warm and wet!"


hands off...

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"Sharing a plate of spaghetti."


"It’s not romantic it’s a war. I’ll fight tooth and nail for that noodle."


THAT Movie

"I forget exactly what it was called but it’s a movie w Adam Sandler, like 500 first dates or something. She can’t make memories so every day she’s freaked out that this dude is in her bed, and yeah it’s half comedy half romance but it never say right w me lol."


"If it helps, he makes her update movies so she understands what’s going on ever morning. They end up living on a boat and having kids."


TV and movies have ruined us all. I'm on a break!!

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