Pranksters Brag About The Most Epic Pranks They've Ever Played

Pranksters Brag About The Most Epic Pranks They've Ever Played

Pranksters Brag About The Most Epic Pranks They've Ever Played

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April Fools Day brings out the prankster in all of us. For most pranksters, the best feeling is when your prank goes off without a hitch and everyone gets a good laugh. Pranks can be the ultimate revenge, or just a gentle nudge to not take life too seriously. In any case, no one can deny a juicy prank story!

jrich219 asks:

With April fools around the corner what are some of the best pranks you have played?

These perfectly planned and executed pranks will give you life!

Something they will always remember

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Got the idea from a local radio station.

I had posted on local classified sites, our newspaper, etc to call (this phone number) on (this date) and do your very best impression of a goat, and hang up. If yours was the best, youd be entered to win. Didnt say what youd win. Just that you could win.

The number was my husbands...on his birthday.

The first call came in at 5:00am, an hour before his alarm. "BAAAAAAH!" click

He got home that night and glared at me, "I dont know how, but i know you did this." His voicemail was FULL of goat noises.

Making a whole room vanish

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The best prank I ever heard of was told to me by my best friend's dad. When he was in college, he and another guy were the only ones to stay at the dorm over winter break (it was kind of sad, really---neither had families that they wanted to see). They were quickly bored, so they picked the lock to the room of a guy who was a jerk, then took the door off the hinges, and then---he swears this is true---drywalled over the doorway and painted the hallway. The guy comes back from break, walks along the hallway, room 505, 506, 508...wait, what? His room is gone. The guy actually went outside, looked up to their floor, and counted windows to see if his room had completely disappeared from the space-time continuum...

Pranking mom never get old

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I'm thinking of finding a recording of two guys having an NSA-like conversation and having my mother's amazon echo play it at a random time during the day.

The is just mean

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Not me but my sister once unscrewed the shower head and placed a hard life saver candy in there, so that after my shower I was subtly sticky. :(

Mmmmmm Cheesy

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I replaced my housemate's soap with a very neatly carved block of extra mature cheese.

He was a very hairy gentleman and complained that the smell remained for the rest of the day despite several more- cheese free- showers.

Sibling collaboration always makes for a strong prank

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Best prank? When I was 6 and my older sister was 8, while my parents when off alone in there bedroom to have "Their TV time", we created a Tall Person costume like a ghost with a sheet, hat, sun glasses, and rain coat, with my sister sitting up on my shoulders.

We were planning on knocking on my parents door, and for whoever answered my sister had prepared some goofy question to ask, to make them laugh, see... but it never got that far.

As we approached their door, giggling and trying not to tip over, my mother cracked open the door with a tray of dishes and glasses in her hands, looking back over her shoulder talking to my dad, when she turned forward she was almost face to face with our Wobbly Tall Person in a Sheet with Sun Glasses and Rain Coat.


(Picture scared Homer Simpson)

...she screamed, flipped her plate tray up in the air, turned and barged running back into the bedroom like the devil was behind her, screaming my dad's name.

My sister and I both lost it laughing, lost our Tall Person balance and tilted against a wall, and then my sister peed on me because she was laughing too hard and couldn't get down.

We didn't even get in that much trouble, because although my mother want to beat both of us with a belt, my dad was laughing too hard to let things get ugly.

So there. Not a clever or well thought out prank, but the results were more than we could have hoped for..

When your sister knows your weak spots

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My sister did not back up her phone despite me telling her to several times. I had the same phone as her. I backed up my phone reset it to factory settings switched covers with her phone and watcher her morning descend into chaos.

Classic summer camp prank

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One summer at camp, we brought a life size cutout of a professional wrestler and set it up inside the bathroom of the counselors cabin. The screams echoed through the night. It was beautiful.

She must have been so peased off!

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Not much of a prankster, bit I do put frozen peas in the fridge ice dispenser. When my mom goes for ice water, she gets peas instead.

A prank that keeps on giving

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One year, me and my younger brothers turned everything possible upside down in the kitchen after our parents had gone to bed. Cookbooks, food, the calendar, paintings, basically everything but appliances. It took my parents a few moments to actually figure out what we had done in the morning, but their reaction was priceless.

Best part was, it was a prank that kept on giving: for literally the next year, every so often something would be found that hadn't gotten turned rightside up and everyone would have a good chuckle. Once or twice even happened when there was company over.

A prank with a vengeance

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There was a competition running by Tim Tam (a very popular chocolate biscuit in Australia) where they were giving away a weekly prize of either a year's worth of Tim Tams or $20000 worth of travel vouchers. To enter the competition, you had to text in a special code found on the inside of the packet. The terms and conditions said that you needed the packet as proof of purchase in order to win the prize.

I bought Tim Tams every time they were on special and entered the competition about a dozen times. I kept the empty packets on our bench behind our coffee maker.

I came home from work one day and the packets were gone. I asked my husband where they were and he said he'd thrown them out. "But what if we win?!" I whined. "We won't win," he scoffed.

I went to work and told my colleague about this and we hatched a plan (my husband and this colleague had never met). A couple of weeks later, my colleague phoned my husband on a Friday afternoon and pretended to be from Tim Tam. After letting him know he was the lucky winner she said, "Now, all you'll need to do to redeem your prize is provide proof that you purchased the packet with the code XXXXXXXXXX." My husband lied and said he thought we'd 'lost' the packet and asked if could he have some time to find it.

Seconds after they'd hung up, my phone rang. It was my husband. "Don't be angry," he started, "but we won the Tim Tam competition." I started screaming in excitement and jumping around. He was trying to interrupt me and I was cheering etc Then he told me about needing the packets to win to which I was like, "BABE! I told you not to throw them out!! You better find it!!" etc etc We ended the conversation with him apologizing profusely and promising that he would find the packets.

We hung up the phone and I felt guilty within minutes, knowing how stressed my husband would be. I tried calling him back but couldn't get on to him. I called and called for about half an hour before I finally got on to him and admitted that it was a prank.

The phone went silent.

"Do you know what I have been doing for the last half hour? I have been WADING THROUGH OUR GARBAGE BIN trying to find those f_*_ing packets!"

Without doubt, best prank I've ever pulled.

Some people just can't execute

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I once did ye olde saran-wrap-over-the-toilet shenanigan. I set it up for my sister and went back into my room to play video games. After a while I forget about it and I had to use the restroom and I ended up peeing all over my legs.

Techie prank

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Not myself but I know a guy who hated his coworker so he wrote a script on the guys computer that dimmed the monitor by an increment and reduced the speaker sound every time he started it up. Eventually the guy threw away his monitor and speakers thinking they died.

Why are my lips tingling?

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One time I put extra strength Orajel (an over the counter mouth numbing cream for those who don't know) on the filter side of my friend's cigarettes. It was funny cause I could tell he could feel something was off but didn't say anything to anyone until I burst out laughing

Cat pranks are sometimes the best

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Last April 1st I opened up tuna with the can opener and dished it into my cats bowl, then put saran wrap over top very tight so it was clear. I put the bowl down and my cat pressed her nose into it and started licking the saran wrap for a few seconds before walking back to me meowing really loudly. I couldn't deal with that sad cute face so I took off the saran wrap and vowed to never play a trick like that ever again.

Epic drive through prank

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Back in high school, my friends and I would go through the fast food drive thru. There'd be the driver, passenger and one person in the trunk. As we got up to the window, the guy in the trunk (who was in only his boxers and had his arms and mouth duct taped) would hop out and start running away. The person at the drive thru would usually freak out and say something like "Holy s! That guy just came from your trunk!" The driver would say something along the lines of "What the f? He's getting away!" and he'd peel out and chase after him. High school was an interesting time in my life.

It's important to play up the phobias

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There was once a legendary prank at my high school, the kind that transcends the ages and is immortalized in the school's consciousness.

One teacher had an extreme phobia of eyes. They just freaked him out. Well, one class must've been possessed by Satan himself and decided to pull the meanest prank of all time. They not only covered everywhere in his class with pictures of eyes, but hid them around the class. The story goes that months afterwards the teacher would, say, lift of his coffee mug and, in the middle of a dead silent class, leap out of his chair screaming at the picture of an eye beneath.

Cruel, but insanely hilarious.

College roommates are full of pranks

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One thing fairly recently, I've done to prank someone is to wake them up.

My college roommate said he was going to take a nap, and he requested that I wake him up when I would leave for my lab.

In this particular room, his bed was positioned in such a way where the head of his bed was directly underneath a window, and the foot facing the door. The window also had plastic blinds.

As I was about to leave for my lab, he was still asleep. I decided to have a little fun. I took a roll of toilet paper and beamed it at the window as hard as I could. What resulted was one of the loudest sounds I've heard: the crackling of multiple window blinds at the same time. It was so loud that my roommate screamed when he was shocked awake.

As soon as I threw it, I closed the door, and headed for my lab.

When your phone magically changes...

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I just changed the names on my families phones to some crazy s***. Caller iD will list the as the following Wife- milf mom Daughter- queen croc Son- Old Gregg

The prank that teaches a lesson

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My boyfriend has a bad habit of leaving the doors unlocked at night (I usually go to bed before him), and he's a heavy sleeper. All of our valuables have been 'stolen' this year. The TV, consoles, laptops, and PC have all been locked in the shed while he was asleep (I went to bed but waited up).

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