The Cruelest Pranks People Have Ever Witnessed

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For years people have watched prank shows on TV.

Some shows called them bloopers or practical jokes.

But as time has gone on and people's imagination has gone insane thanks to oneupmanship on TikTok, jokes and pranks have gotten out of control.

Does no one consider the danger in these situations?

You never know how someone will react.

Redditor Ghost_of_Society wanted to hear about all of the worst ideas for comedy people have witnessed. So they asked everyone:

"What's the cruelest 'prank' you've ever seen?"

The only pranks I've pulled have been prank calls.

You don't know how people will react.


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"20 years ago, a friend of mine was prank kidnapped on halloween. Driven to a cornfield and left tied up and blindfolded for an hour. Was not funny. The 'friends' that did this actually got some time in prison."



"One of the guys on my high school track team was pantsed directly in front of the girls from the team. He wasn’t wearing underwear. The person who pantsed him was one of his close friends."


"Yeah that happened to me when I was a kid. I had enough friends and self esteem that I wasn't devastated, and the girls were all really sweet like 'we didn't really see what happened' but I still never talked to that 'friend' ever again, and was a little traumatized for a while."



"Not so much a prank, but in high school, there was a girl who was apart of the spectrum and she was showing off a dance, and these cheerleaders were clearly laughing at her. The thing is, is that the girl didn’t realize they were making fun of her. They told her to do it again just so they could laugh more."


Just like 90%

"I was 14 and going out to eat with my first girlfriend and my mom at Jimboys. Just like 90% of 14 year old males, I suffered from acne pretty bad. We were eating and having a good time and out of nowhere my mom looks to my girlfriend and asks."

"'Do you like popping bumps?'"

"My eyes widened, she knew I horrified by her question. My girlfriend just got quiet and her face went red. She then proceeds to say..."

"'What?!?!? It's not like she can't see them, and you need someone to do something about them.'"

"Then laughed, then got mad no one else thought it was funny and ruined the rest of the evening. I could never understand doing something like that to my child..."



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"A girl wrote an elaborate letter pretending to be another girl in class and handed it to me. I was shocked to receive my first love letter and felt like garbage when I found out it was fake."


How would one think that's funny?

The Switch

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"I remember seeing a video where they switched the pregnancy test to a fake positive one on their 'friend' struggling with infertility. Messed up."


Just Abuse

"There was that youtube 'family' that was like, 'daddy of five' or something, where one of the kids was literally -abused- constantly. They would do HORRIBLE crap to this boy and then say 'it was a prank for the channel' and he would be absolutely -destroyed- and scream he hated youtube..."

"Anything done as a prank for Youtube? Thats almost as bad as Child Abuse Pranking for Youtube."


The Reveal

"The TV show WB Superstar from the early 2000's. It was a show like American Idol, but they were actually looking for the worst singers. But they told the contestants they were looking for the best singers until the very end of the competition, when they revealed the truth to the winner after their final performance in front of a live audience. Very cruel show."


Hang Up

"I have no idea what radio station this was on as I was only a kid, but they used to do prank phone calls. I have little to no recollection of many of them except this one, as even as a kid I could tell it was just wrong."

"The radio host rang up a woman and advised that he was the manager of her husband's company and he was very sorry to tell her that he had been involved in an accident with some heavy machinery and it had resulted in his death."

"As you would expect the woman was beside herself with being told her husband had just died, she was wailing on the phone and the radio host couldn't really get another word in to explain it was a joke, and then they just cut off the phone call and played a song."

"Even as a kid I knew it was a really stupid and cruel idea, and I'm pretty sure that was the last time they did a 'prank' phone call."



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"A group of 5 boys decided to throw rocks from an overpass at the cars below, one of the rocks ended up going through a car’s windshield and killed the driver. The boys got charged with 2nd degree murder."


Can we all agree to pranks are just dangerous?

Enough. And it goes without saying, but please do not try these at home, folks.

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