The Most Evil Pranks People Have Ever Pulled Off
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They say laughter is the best medicine, and it's true.

Sometimes, the laughter comes from a good joke or well-timed pun. Other times, a comedy show or accidental fall may elicit laughter.

And sometimes, pranks are used to elicit laughter.

The thing about pranks is, sometimes they're funny, but other times they're mean. The best pranks are the ones that do seem mean but induce enjoyment from all parties.

Redditors have seen it all and are excited to share their experiences of the evilest pranks they've pulled off or seen pulled off.

As I said, some are funny, some are mean, and some are both. All are great to read about, though!

It all started when Redditor Adventure84 asked:

“What evil prank have you pulled off?”

Pay For Your Crimes

"People in school used to always take my Gatorade. So I took an empty bottle, filled it with dyed salt water, and let them take my drink. Not gonna lie, it was hilarious watching one person to spit salt water in the middle of class only for their unbelieving friend to do the same."

– mc_freak2013

The Day Before The Wedding

"My coworkers in the Chicago office asked me to bring back a phone book and the hotel stationary from my business trip to Kansas City. They were preparing for another coworker's bachelor party for the night before the wedding. The groom was known for drinking to an extent that was considered legendary. After a night of drinking, he woke up on the morning of his wedding in a hotel room. He checked the nightstand and found the Kansas City phone book. the desk was stocked with KC stationary. His friends had clued the front desk staff in on what was happening and convinced them to answer his room phone "Good Morning and welcome to the Kansas City Holiday Inn." It was 5 hours till the wedding, and he was actually only a couple miles from the venue, but the freakout was epic!"

– fredzout

It Moves On Its Own

"I have an extra mouse in my desk drawer at work- I have the USB plugged in to the docking station of the obnoxious guy a couple cubes away. On days he is particularly obnoxious I will take out the extra mouse and move it around every few minutes... he has never realized because it’s plugged into the docking station and not his laptop. He has even had the laptop replaced. Never noticed... it brings me to tears silently laughing sometimes... I have to be careful not to over do it..."

– doodlewacker

Inanimate Stalker

"I've posted this before but I made a friend believe she was being followed by a garden gnome. For years. Many of her friends are involved plus other helpers. She shows up at a B&B in Scotland (that we'd recommended) and there was a gnome in the garden, and it looked exactly like the gnome that'd briefly turned up in her yard. Then she saw it on her way to work. Then in Provence. And Germany. It really did look like the same gnome."

"It was."

– Kevin_Uxbridge

Sugar Or Spice

"Mom can't tolerate sweet things. Since she can remember, she never ate sweets. When i was 6 or so, during breakfast, mom left her newly brewed coffee on the table. My older brother encouraged me to put more sugar as a prank. So i did. Mom came back, stirred and than drank and spit out a rocket. We started laughing saying it was a prank, explaining that we put extra sugar in it. She looked at us as if we were stupid. Apparently i put salt instead. Her coffee was at sea salt level."

– Morilicious

Soda Replacement

"We had a very annoying coworker that couldn't be fired because he was related to the owner/CEO. He had the same exact lunch every day of the week that he brought in a zipper lunchbag: A tunafish sandwich, a sugar-free jello pudding, a can of diet pepsi. He'd put that in the common-area work fridge."

"One of the guys in my department (I was the IT Director) decided to just see how long we could fu=*ck with, oh, let's call him Scott since that was his name."

"Scott got there at 7:00am every day and had lunch at 12:00 on the dot."

"So, starting the first week, my guy (let's call him Dave) would steal his cold soda at about 9:00am and replace it with a warm one. So it would get cold-ish with the 3-hours in the fridge, but not the ICE cold that Scott was expecting."

"Second week, he stole and replaced the Diet Pepsi at 10:00."

"Third week, at 11:00am."

"Fourth week at 11:45."

"Now what was hilarious is that Scott was so dumb he didn't realize THE REST OF HIS FOOD WAS COLD. It was just the Soda that was warm."

"The last week, Scott put the soda in the freezer at 7:00am. Dave found the soda and swapped in a warm one at like 11.55am."

"Scott was getting madder and madder about this. What's amusing is that almost every other person in the company had already figured out what was going on without having to even be told (it was an engineering firm packed with PEs). And they ALL hated Scott."

– dramboxf

Cultural Norms

"I lived in Korea for a bit. When my mom came to visit I told my Korean girlfriend it was an American custom to greet older women by touching elbows. I told my mom the same story about Korean customs. It was a thing of beauty. They were not pleased."

– wafflepark

"In India we touch the feet of our elders to get their blessings. I wonder if someone is pranking us since the last 5000 years. That cheeky motherf**ker."

– vspj

Power Of Suggestion

"I used to work for a cruise line. A passenger asked if the crew lives on the ship full time. I and my co-worker explained that no, the crew leaves every night to fly back to Miami and then returns each morning. She walked away satisfied. After that cruise was over, our manager was sharing the passenger evaluations with us and was confused about one in particular. It was a woman who had stayed on deck 14 and had complained that she couldn’t sleep at night because of the noise of the crew helicopter."

"Fact 1: 1,200 crew do not leave every night but do live on the ship"

"Fact 2: that ship didn’t even have a helipad"

"Question: wtf was she hearing every night"

– persistent_polymath

I Swear It Was There!

"My mum's laptop wallpaper was a picture of her granddaughter. I copied the picture 100 times and made her wallpaper a slide show of the same picture over and over again, so the file would change but nothing would change visibly on the monitor. The pictures would change every 10 seconds. On one of the images I painted a tiny little curly moustache on her. So randomly for 10 seconds my niece would have a moustache. My mum thought she was either losing her mind or had a computer virus and everytime the moustache popped up, it was gone by the time she tried to show anyone."

– Troidin

What's Lucky Charms Without The Charms?

"Picked out every last marshmallow from my sister's box of lucky charms. Then took a photo of me eating a bowl of just charms, printed it, and put in the bottom of the bag. I then sealed the bag back up, hot glued the box and back in the pantry it went."

– CarnivorousConifer

I would NOT tolerate that last one!