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Cops see some wild stuff while on duty. While most traffic stops are boring and routine, some drivers are able to shock even the most seasoned officers. Police sometimes get more than they bargained for when pulling people over, whether it's people behaving strangely, doing gross activities, or traffic lawbreakers attempting to stay out of trouble.

Redditor u/supermineboy wanted to hear about weirdos getting pulled over and asked police officers to tell their stories by asking... "What is the strangest person you pulled over?"

10. Poop doesn't scare this officer

"Once pulled over a guy who pooped himself as an attempt to deter me from doing my job. He had warrants and thought it would make me want to stay away from him."


9. Or this officer...

"I was running a breath test on a drunk one time and when I told her to blow into the mouthpiece she also blew a big nasty poop into her pants at the same time."


8. Please stop pooping in front of cops

"A detective I work with was staking out a guy because this guy was conveniently never home every time the detective went to interview him. He finally catches the guy at home and goes to ring the doorbell. The guy answers in only his whitey tighties actively pushing out a poop into his undies."


7. You can't fool this cop


"There was this person who was drunk, but was consistently denying the fact even though there was a case of opened beers in the passengers seat."


6. This unexplainable car accident victim

"I approached the driver and it was the sweetest old lady you've ever seen.

Finally I take a step back, put my flashlight on the car and take in what I'm looking at. This car is destroyed. Absolutely totaled. Tires blown out, rims bent, bodywork shredded and missing, and grass and jutting out of every orifice. All the passenger windows were blown out. The drivers side mirror got ripped off and thrown into the associated window and was now inside the vehicle hanging on by an electrical cable. Broken glass everywhere. No airbag deployment oddly enough.

She said everything was fine. Had EMS come and check her out. She was fine as far as I and they could tell. Mentally she didn't skip a beat. Knew the date, where she was, etc."


5. This singing suspect


"My uncle was a cop and recorded a man park as he shook his head to 'U GOT THAT' by ricardo milos until he passed out at the car cruiser"


4. Oh, the irony

"I know a cop who had to arrest someone for public masturbation at a truck stop back in the 90's. The man was doing it while looking at a Hot Cops magazine."


3. This driver has sympathy for any officers that pull him over

"Not a cop but I feel bad for the cops who pull me over. I have anxiety and I will get an anxiety attack and I lose control of parts of my body or all of it and shake. I got pulled over for having my headlight out and I couldn't find my insurance cards and I was getting really anxious and starting to shake, fortunately the cop let me go before my shaking got really bad. It looks like I'm doing something very illegal because of how anxious I get but I'm not"


2. This driver knows that they're strange

"I think I was the strangest person for a cop once. He pulled me over at 2 in the morning and asked if I had any weapons on me. I told him no, then he flashed his light on my backpack in the back seat and asked what was in the bag. It was my Wii U that I had taken to my friends house and told him we had been playing Mario and Donkey Kong. He asked if those were shooting games, and I had to explain to him about the Italian plumber and giant ape in the games."


1. What's going on in Seattle!?

"A few years ago my partner and I pulled over a guy who was driving erratically. Turns out he had molasses on his penis, and his pet pot-belly pig was licking it off.

Edit: This was in Seattle"


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