People Share The Pettiest Opinion Hill They're Willing To Die On

People Share The Pettiest Opinion Hill They're Willing To Die On
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We all have an opinion on how things should be done, as well as little ticks get on our nerves, if not outright make our skin crawl.

When someone doesn't agree with this opinion or exhibits the exact behavior which makes us tick, it's usually easy enough to let bygones be bygones, and get over it.

Of course, there are extreme exceptions to this, and sometimes we simply find ourselves unable to accept someone else's different opinion, and will not tolerate when people do certain things.

No matter how petty others may find it.

Redditor HallZac99 was curious to hear the petty little opinions which people will never, under any circumstances, be swayed from, leading them to ask:
"What is the smallest, pettiest hill you'll still die on?"

I Will ALWAYS Dispute That Charge!

"Bank of America charged me $2 for a miscellaneous charge, in 1997. I called to ask what it was for because there was no reason."

"The lady on the phone said, well, I can't tell you because it is miscellaneous."

"I asked her to then please reverse it and she refused."

"I pulled all three of my accounts from them and moved them to a credit union and ever since, full stop refuse to have a damn thing with that company."- Handbag_Lady

Let People Off First!

"That you need to let people off the f*cking subway before you get on."

"My guy, you will get on - let me off first!"- croix_v

"It’s common courtesy to wait for someone to come off the elevator before entering."- mkittyxoxo

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Give People Space!

"Back the f*ck up at cash registers."

"You don't need to be spelunking in my a** before the cashier even hands me my receipt."

"Afterwards, maybe we can talk about making something happen."

"But while at the register I want my personal space."- Geistwhite

Push It Out!

"Before placing a ziploc bag in the refrigerator or freezer, squeeze the air out of the bag."

"I don't know why my wife doesn't, and one day I'll have to make a choice."- johnbacosta

Keep The Aisles Clear!

"It is possible to look at something on a grocery store shelf without blocking the whole aisle."

"Looking at you, shoppers in a certain Aldi this afternoon."- treecatks

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Be Mindful Of Others!

"Scrolling through TikTok/Reels/whatever with your volume up in public or semi-public places.'

"Transit, waiting room, restaurant."- technocraft

Everyone Gets Their Special Day!

"I hill I will die on."

"When a kid has a birthday, only HE gets to blow out the candles!"

"It INFURIATES me to my very soul when I see other kids try to blow them out."

"The only thing worse is when adults LET THEM."- Drew__Mast

Fill It If You Kill It.

"Danny needs to replenish the fridge downstairs."

"You take a soda pop, YOU REPLENISH."- hiro111

Don't Call Me on Vacation!

"When I have time approved off from work and something goes wrong, no it is not my responsibility to log back on and take care of it."- ironwheatiez

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We'Ve. Been Pronouncing It Wrong For Years!

"The way you pronounce SACAGAWEA."

"So many people say 'SAK-a-ja-wee-ah' but it’s 'sah-KAH-gah-wee-ah'."

"Even tribal folk are split on how to pronounce it but I’m sticking to my guns on on 'Sah Kah gah wee ah'."- IBeatUpLiamNeeson

"The pronunciation of Neckarsulm."

"It's a city in Germany, right by the river Neckar."

"There's also another city just called Ulm."

"Ergo, this city is the Ulm of the Neckar, or Neckar's Ulm."


"People pronounce it Neckar-Sulm."

"Drives me f*cking nuts every time I hear it on the radio."- MJmishmash

Careful Next Time You Gloat...

"Mercedes is the worst car manufacturer because they're the reason, the consumer has to wait 25 years to import non USDM cars into the United States."- kilertree

All They Do Is Give You Bad Breath

"I'm not sure how petty this is but onions should just stop existing."- baffled_baked_potato

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They Aren't Randomly Placed!

"If you pick up something in a grocery store and decide you don't want it later, put it back where it fucking came from."

"Every time I see cheetos in the pillow isle I want to die a little more."- Queenofqueerquails

Best To Let Them Pass

"If you are a cyclist on the road holding up traffic, it ought to be common courtesy to stop, move over to the side and let cars pass every so often."- old-red-paint

Technically Speaking...

"Avatar the Last Airbender IS AN ANIME!! "

"There's is no way in hell you will change my mind."- JOWhite63087

No One Is In That Big A Hurry

"Do not, and I repeat , DO NOT! cut in front of me while we are BOTH waiting in the school pick up or drop off line."

"I am so petty and childish when it comes to this simple unforgettable act."

"l have and will continue to ride so close to your bumper like white on rice and a fly in sh*t."

"I have actually used my front camera to know exactly how close I am so I don't hit you."

"Do not cut me off if WE ARE BOTH IN THE FU***NG line to pick up our children...from school."

"Wait your least act like the responsible adult you are supposed to be."- thenextchapter28

Everyone Has An Opinion

"Paul pierce was extremely overrated and mediocre."- Marywonna

A Surprising Lack Of Logic

"The fact that you need to carry a pen/pencil for international flights to fill out the customs form on the plane."

"I was on a flight in May this year and upon realizing we had to fill the form out before descent, I asked the flight attendant for a pencil."

"She looked at me like I had four eyes and proceeded to inform me she doesn’t have one."

"Looking around, other people on the flight were asking her for one as well."

"For the life of me, I don’t understand why there is an expectation to pack something to write with on an international flight."

"I am not thinking of packing a pencil on my 2 week vacation to Aruba where I will proceed to not use it the entire time."

"If it’s standard to fill these forms out on flights, the flight crew should very reasonably be expected to lend passengers a pen or a pencil."- pascalgoz

We all have something which will get on our nerves till the bitter end.

All we can do is take a deep breath, and hope for change.

And maybe make sure we don't find ourselves doing that very thing to others...

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