In case you're new here, the internet was created for two very important things: One, sharing funny stories about our pets and two, forget the second thing because it's clearly not as important our pets. Animals have ruled the internet for as long as the word "meme' has been in the common vernacular, but sometimes the occasional cute picture isn't enough. Sometimes we need to share the strange, out-there things our pets do with others because we need a little bit more happiness in our lives.

Reddit user, u/DMLorance, wanted a bright ray of sun on these cloudy days when they asked:

Pet owners of Reddit. What quirk does your pet (past or present) do that nobody believes when you tell them?

He Thinks He's People

My dog refuses to drink from a bowl. We took him to the vet because he was sick, turns out he was dehydrated. My dog always has water next to his food, but wasnt drinking it. We changed his bowl to a normal dish, the ones we use to eat soup. Now he drinks from it, if u change it back to a normal dog's bowl, he will stop drinking water and get sick. Nobody knows why.


A Very Refined Taste

My dogs drink from the bathtub faucet. It started as my problem - German Shepherds drink a lot more water than my tiny pittie and my Boxer-Dane do. I had a refilling dish, but when the bottle was empty they would pick both up separately and fling the bottle and bowl around to let me know. It broke very quickly.

It was summer, and I realized the tap water would be colder anyway, so I let my bathtub drip and they drank from it and all was well.

Well, I don't think I'm breaking that habit anytime soon, and my bathroom floor is covered in muddy pawprints from them playing in the basement and then coming upstairs, getting their paws wet, and running away again.


That's Not How That's Supposed To Work

My cat barks at birds.


Maybe They Want To Appear Presentable?

I have a friend who has two little Shi Tzus, and they get SUPER excited when people come over. One of the dogs has to dip her paws in her water dish before she greets the people that come over, and then she runs around the entire house, getting everything super wet.


It's All A Performance

When I give my dog a treat, she dramatically selects the perfect place to bury it. She likes for you to watch her theatrics. She'll then spend a minute or so carefully covering it.... with air. Yep. They are easy to spot. She is genuinely shocked and dismayed every time I find them,


Never. Trust. Bubbles.

My dog is afraid of bubbles in his water. I mean, totally, I'm running out of the room, terrified. We had a small water bowl with a small water jug that fed into it so you didn't have to refill it everyday. Once in awhile, if he was thirsty, small bubbles would come up and it would startle him a bit. Well, one day we upgraded to a larger size. Larger water reserve=Bigger bubbles. He was so terrified that one of those mister bubbles would be activated that he had to stalk his water bowl and sneak one small lick at a time.


Are Rabbits...Smart?

My rabbit Amy has many, but a notable one is that she's trained me to give her treat every time I shower, since she lives in my bedroom and I do post shower stuff there. She also knows her daily schedule well, particularly feeding times, and throws a tantrum if you're late.


A Smile To Start Your Day

I have a hamster and she smiles at me, sits up on her haunches and literally smiles at me when she's happy to see me.

She also sometimes gets angry which you can tell from a kind of 'flash' in her eyes.

When I let her roam around a little at night in the dark usually while I'm watching a film, when I get up to use the loo she'll tap me on my feet bc she thinks I can't see in low light/dark.

We used to have a dog too who appeared to laugh, obviously she didn't 'laugh' in the normal way but she really did in her own little dog way.


Trapped With No Way Out

My cat Nellie hardly ever makes a sound (purrs but no meows), except when she needs a poo in the night... She prefers to do her business outside but her cat flap auto locks at night to keep her in.

When she has to poo at night she meows her head off for us to let her out until she realises we're not getting up then uses her tray. She doesn't meow for wee only a poo ūüí©?!

Since she hadn't used her tray in months we started keeping it in a cupboard, then last night (first time in about a year) she started meowing at the top of the stairs around midnight. I realised what she wanted and she led me down to the cupboard to get out her tray, did her business and went back to bed while I cleaned up!


I Mean...It Is A Sound That Comes From Your Butt

Our younger dog (american pitt) is terrified of farts. His or yours doesn't matter they scare the f-ck out of him. I have watched this dog multiple times sleep fart, jump up terrified, run from the crime scene and come back to bark and growl at wherever he was sleeping. I have also farted in the bed with him, scaring him so much that he ran across the room and threw up, that was a fun one. We love him, he's very pretty, and very very dumb


At Least They're Not The Only One

My cat gets super hyper after taking a dump. She will do a few laps around the house... stop meow really loudly... then scratch her post.


Ah the good old post-poop zoomies. My cat does this too.


Monkey See, Doggy Do

My childhood dog had a weak rear right leg, so anytime he wanted to hike his leg on something off to the left he would just do a handstand rather than try to support his weight in the bad leg.

But wait... there's more. When he started getting older we brought home a puppy who absolutely idolized his big brother. Within about a month he had worked his way up to also doing handstands when he peed, but for this dog it was EVERY SINGLE TIME. I guess he thought that was just how you were supposed to do it.



I have a cat that plays fetch with his stuffed animals.

He also gets annoyed when I don't throw the stuffed animal far enough, and loves to chase it down the stairs into the basement.


The Warmth Snuggles Him

One of my cats legitimately sleeps in my bed. Head on my pillow, under the blanket, held to my chest like an actual baby. He will spend all night like this and get mad if I stop cuddling him at any point. We sleep with our noses almost touching, and I know when he boops my nose with his that he wants me to cuddle him tighter. It's bizarre but adorable.


What's The Opposite Of An Alarm Clock?

Every night at around 10 pm, my childhood dog would tell me it's time to go to bed. I could be in the living room watching TV and she would sit at the doorway and make little 'boofs' until I eventually got up and followed her to bed. This happened every night from my high school years until the day she passed at 15 years old. I miss that old sassy girl.


"See this? It's Mine."

I have a Pomeranian who is a total introvert. She's super laid back and chill and that kindof throws people off anyway. But when I tell them that no matter where I live she claims some space in the house as her "bedroom" and goes there to be alone.

One time it was a cabinet in my kitchen. She claimed one of the lower unused cabinets and took soft stuff and snacks and toys in there and could open the cabinet all by herself. She would chill in there for hours.

Currently it's the corner of the sectional against the wall, she has all her favorite things under there and my other dog NEVER goes under there. It's her private space.


A Dog Who Holds A Grudge. Brilliant.

My old collie used to yell at us if we didn't come home from school on time. Like if we went to a friends or the walk home took too long, he would howl at you for the rest of the night and there was no getting out of it with him.

He was also afraid of ice cream bucket handles.

I miss that dog.


A Teacher's Pet In Every Sense Of The Word

We have a very unique dog that seems to have internalized a set of rules. He is friendly with our 3 cats however if he observes them doing something that we(the humans) have corrected them for previously he will then take on the responsibility for future occurrences by sitting beside the misbehaving cat and barking at them until they stop.


More Dog Than Cat

I'll just be laying around and yell for my cat when I haven't seen her in a while, "Mildred! Come give me a kiss!" She will always come running into the room and jump on me, she will turn her head to the side and I'll kiss her cheek, then I turn my head to the side and she quickly pushes her nose into my cheek, she will jump back down and go back about her way after. It's the sweetest, but I dont bother telling anyone, though. I don't need to be perceived as the crazy cat lady anymore than I already seem, lol.


A Game Only Pets Can Win

Mine is that our cat that passed away last year use to play hide and seek with my husband Curtis.

Curtis would hide and our cat Buster would run around everywhere until he found him. He would even try to sneak up on him. If he was hiding on the other side of our TV console, Buster would crawl under the console just so he could jump out and "scare" him.

If ever Curtis hid so well that Buster couldn't find him, my husband would jump from his hiding spot and say boo. This would make Buster pout that he had not found him on his own and he would go sit on the couch staring at my husband with a "You S.O.B" face. Buster even got to where he would hide while playing the game. Cats are hard to find sometimes anyway without one intentionally playing hide and seek and playing with the dedication that Buster would play with. We would both look for him until we gave up and sat on the couch. He would then stroll out a few minutes later with a smug smile on his face.


Good Lord...ADORABLE.

My last dog was a massive, 90 lbs Chow Shepherd mix that behaved more like a cat then a dog. She hunted birds in our yard, but rather than catch them with her mouth, I would watch her leap up and squash them with her massive frame.

It was majestic, like watching a blue whale breech. Just a big fluffy dog suddenly jumps and body slams a pigeon to death.

Then she would bring me the dead bird as an offering.



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