People Share Their All-Time Favorite South Park Episodes

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If you were a middle schooler in the late 90s or early 2000s, it was hard to walk down a hall without hearing "Oh my God, they killed Kenny!" at least once a day.

When South Park premiered on Comedy Central in the summer of 1997, it not only put the then fledgling cable network on the map, but soon became a phenomenon for it's crude humor, and biting satire.

Be it Tom Cruise and the church of Scientology, Barbra Streisand, or then entire country of Canada, no one was safe from creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone's ridicule.

And every time viewer's thought "Oh, they won't possibly go there", you can be sure they did.

Leaving viewers shocked, amazed, and falling off their chairs laughing.

Redditor SamCharles25 recently reached out to South Park's vast fanbase by inquiring what their favorite episodes were, by asking:
"What is the best South Park episode?"

...And Yet They Made It Funny...

"'Child Abduction Is not Funny' is my favorite episode."- redbush4real

A Show Set In Colorado Was Bound To Have A Skiing Episode

"I don’t know if it’s the best, but the one we quote the most often is The 80’s skiing movie/timeshare one."


'"dude, he’s got Heather!'"

'"You need a montageeeee."- Bewildered_Wildcat

Lived Up To Its Title...

"'Awesome-o' is definitely my favorite."- Dr-Phil420

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The Only Good Time Anyone Should Have With Weapons

"'Good Times with Weapons', The ninja episode!"- liamsnorthstar

And It Didn't Stand For Marlon Brando Lookalikes...

"Cartman joins NAMBLA."- ycultak

Oh, the Shake Weight...

"Not the * very best* episode of all time, but I'm personally partial to Creme Fraiche."- Colour_me_in_

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And Now They Own It...

"Casa Bonita."- Electrical-Lead5993

The Only Nanny Who Could handle Cartman!

"How has no one mentioned the 'Dog Whisperer' episode?"

"That one was hilarious and probably one of my favorite episodes."- RJValdez216

Butters Better Than Anyone, You Don't Mess With Cartman!

"Anything with Butters."

"His innocence and naivety always leads to hilarity."

"Butters Own Episode is one of my all-time faves."

"Outside of Butters episodes, 'Scott Tenorman Must Die' was fantastic."- tuanies

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What HASN'T Cartman Gotten Up To?


"The way Cartman glorifies living as a Somalian pirate as a fun life of adventure and then actually trying to do it, along with the song, is comedic gold."- htisme91

Tom Cruise Is Still Fuming...

"'Trapped in the Closet'."

"Sure it got Isaac Hayes to quit because Matt and Trey made fun of Scientology, but in all fairness, f*ck Scientology."- No_Restaurant4688

Beware Of Wendy...

"The one where Wendy fights Cartman."- SituationAshamed707

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Enough Said...


And Still One Of The Least Controversial Things Russell Crowe Ever Did...


That Final Image Though!

"City sushi and city wok episode made my day."- shadow7658

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With 321 episodes in the bag, viewers certainly had a lot to choose from.

Now that it's been renewed through 2027, there will be even more hilarious, shocking, and disgusting episodes to choose from.

Always teetering on what some might consider bad consider bad taste.

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